Broken pasts & Last goodbyes

*COMPLETED* Brynn and Emiliana are just settling in there new flat in Manchester U.K. All Emiliana wants is to do is forget her past, Brynn just wants to start over and begin her new life with her best friend. They wanted change, but they didn't know 5 boys could do the job. Will Brynn fall for the boy that could put her in danger or the boy who cant keep his eyes off her? With Emiliana's heart broken from her last relationship will she notice the boy who is always there for her?The boy who really loves her?


26. Yet another 'Filler'

*Three Months Later*  (Four months pregnant.) 

Louis' P.O.V

I didn't realize how badly I wanted a child until now. Yeah, we're both young, but going shopping with Em, just made me rethink everything. Not in a bad way, of course.

I told her about my dream, she was quite confused. Neither of us had blonde hair. My eyes are partly green, but I consider them closer to the blue.

"Em, Love wake up.." I trailed off pulling her close to me and kissing her temple. 

"It's too early. We just want to sleep..." She groaned and turned to face me. It's so cute how she now refers herself as 'we', the babies.

Our lips connected in a light soft kiss. "Morning, Lou. Go make us food. I want pancakes, they want bacon." She winked and closed her eyes, falling back into a short nap. 


"Em, breakfast is ready, would you like me to bring it up?" She shook her head no and stood up, her belly rounded. 

"Good morning guys." I cooed and intertwined our fingers, leading her downstairs. 

"Lou, where did you get the bacon? We didn't have any yesterday, and no one went to the store." She knitted her eyebrows together.

"I went to Harry's and stole some." I smirked and poured her some orange juice. 


Harry's P.O.V

"Come on Brynn! Just try it!" I chuckled and handed her some orange juice. 

"What if I hate it, and then have an allergic reaction and die?!" 

Brynn has never tried orange juice. Ever. Weird right?

"Ugh, fine!" She scrunched up her nose and brought the cup to her mouth, taking one long whiff before drinking some.

"Ew! Just kidding, that was good." She giggled and finished her cup.

"I. TOLD. YOU!" I gave her my infamous smirk and stole some of her eggs. "Oops, my fork slipped." I winked and walked into our room, stripping down, ready to shower. 

I heard a wolf whistle and turned around to see Brynn smirking. "Sexy." She teased and laid down on the bed. 

I shook my hips letting everything hang.

"EW HARRY, PUT IT AWAY!" She covered her eyes and I laughed, getting into scorching hot shower water.


Emiliana's P.O.V

"Ew! He just.. shook it around?" I giggled and turned to face Louis' disgusted expression. 

"Yea, it was pretty interesting." 

I heard her bed squeak and heard her high pitch squeal. "Harry! You're all wet!" Her and Harry's laugh flooded over the phone.

"Hey, I'm back sorry. Harry decided it would be funny to jump on top of me after his shower. Naked and wet." She giggled and I shook my head in disgust. 

"Lou, how about you go take and shower and we could have some fun?" I teased and winked, sarcastically.

"Ew, I don't want to know." She chuckled and hung up.

"Bye to you, too.."I murmured and rested my head on Louis' shoulder.

"Woah!" I gasped and grabbed Louis' hands, resting them on the spot I felt some movement.

"Do you feel that? I think their having their first argument." I chuckled and looked up at Louis who was grinning like an idiot.

"You know, we have ti discuss wedding plans." I nodded and laid my head back down on Louis. 

His hand still rested on my bump, moving his hand around, rubbing it gently. 

"I bet you'll be a great mother." He smiled and kissed my forehead. 

"And you'll be a great father." I grinned and brought his lips to mine, kissing him passionately for a few minutes. 

"I love all of you." He chuckled and laid back down on the bed, bringing me with him, hugging me tight. 

"We all love you, too."




A/N : Not the best chapter, sorry! But some drama will be coming up! ;) Thanks for voting and commenting! It really means a lot to both of us!! <3 

-Emiliana and Brynn.


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