Broken pasts & Last goodbyes

*COMPLETED* Brynn and Emiliana are just settling in there new flat in Manchester U.K. All Emiliana wants is to do is forget her past, Brynn just wants to start over and begin her new life with her best friend. They wanted change, but they didn't know 5 boys could do the job. Will Brynn fall for the boy that could put her in danger or the boy who cant keep his eyes off her? With Emiliana's heart broken from her last relationship will she notice the boy who is always there for her?The boy who really loves her?


34. Will You Marry Me?

Harry`s P.O.V 

I ran to the window and opened the blinds. The car lights flashed off and I saw Brynn opening the car door. I rushed around the house making sure everything was in place. I checked the mirror in the hall and fixed my black bowtie then scattered my hands through my hair. I gave myself a quick pep talk. 

You can do this! She is your life and you can`t picture life without her. She is everything. I winked at the mirror and put the kitten in position. I pray this would go as smoothly as lou said it would. This plan was all my idea but I needed Louis to back me up on it. Obviously he was really good at confessing his love. I mean he has his whole life planned, But me, People see me as a womanizer and I have never truely been in love. Until now. I have to do this to make sure she loved me back. I took a deep breath to gather my thoughts as I swung the door open to see Brynn at the doorstep. 


Brynn`s P.O.V 

"Harry?" My mouth gaped open a bit as I studied him up and down. He was dressed in a black and white tux with of course a bow tie. His facial features were perfect in this light... Well any light. I stood there just staring at him. He walked outside and shut the door. He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the porch. The only lights outside were our porch lights so I couldn`t see very well. I felt his hands wrap around my waist and felt his forehead on mine. His lips met mine slowly. And pulled away the same way. 

"follow me." His raspy voice whispered and he darted off the porch. I dragged behind him hand in hand. I was wearing heels so he was obviously going to be faster then me. I caught up to the same speed as him but I noticed he slowed down a bit for me. 

We came to a forest and Harry stopped me infront of a giant tree. It`s leaves hung drooping and was a violet color. It seemed really old but gorgeous. I looked at Harry. His cute dimpled smirk appeared through the dark and he pulled some leaves to reveal an opening. He grabbed my hand once again and rubbed circles on my palm. 
"In here." He pulled me through the leaves and I felt cold soft grass on my now bare feet. Those heels were killer. My eyes quickly adjusted when lanters lit up one by one around the tree trunk. There was a small river in the distance but was still covered by this enormus tree. I looked up and saw stars shining through the only hole in the leaves. I felt tears come into my eyes. I was such a softy. 

"Oh my gosh! Harry!" I spun around towards him and he wasn`t smiling. Was he upset? I was about to ask him what was wrong but he cut me off. "What`s..."

"Isn`t she lovely.." He began singing. He was a couple steps away from me but I could hear him perfectly. There was no music behind him. Just his voice. The whole time he was staring at me. He continued to sing and took one step at a time towards me. When his hand intertwined with mine he gently pulled me towards him. Our lips brushed each others and our foreheads were touching. He sang the last word and smiled. I looked into his green eyes that were looking back into mine. I love him so much. 

"Brynn," He began not moving an inch. 

"you make me complete and who I am... and I love you can`t say enough. It`s more then I love you now. I just can`t live without you." Once those tiny words sliped out, Harry sank down my body to the grass until he was on one knee.  

"Oh my..." 

He pulled out a box from his pocket and said those famous 4 words that I couldn`t refuse. 

Harry`s P.O.V 

We sat under the tree looking arcoss the tiny river. My arm slung around my fiance as she layed ontop of me. It was nice saying fiance. Now I know why Lou says it so much. She was moving her ring around her finger looking at the stars. 

"Now... I remember you saying you always wanted a little family of your own." She lifted her head up confused and I laughed. 

"Come on, There is one more surpise." I grabbed her hand and led her back to the house. 


When we got to the living room couch I told her to sit and wait. She smirked and nodded. This was my added part of my genius plan. I opened the bedroom door and whispered "Come on! Come on little girl." I saw the kitten rub up against my leg by the door and picked her up. I tied a red bow around her neck and gave her neck a little kiss. 

She was a grey stripped tabby that I found at the animal shelter. I thought she would be a good way to start the family. And I am a sucker for cats. I walked into the living room where the fireplace was burning and walked to the couch. 

Once Brynn saw the cat her face was priceless. She gasped and jumped off the couch towards me. Her hands petted the cat and the kitten licked her finger. I glanced up at Brynn. Not taking my eyes off her as she played with the kitten in my arms. She was so perfect. I just.. wow. "I wanted to start a family." I looked down at the kitten a little embaressed. It was kinda kidish that I wanted to get a pet before a child. But I really wanted to be a dad for something. 

I felt Brynn`s lips forcefully on mine. This kiss was different. It felt like there was more love then she ever gave. She pulled apart and we were suddenly on the couch. The cat was curled up beside the fireplace. I looked into her eyes as she fixed my hair. 

"I love you Harry Styles." She held my face in her hands as I hovered over her body. 

"I love you too."

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