Broken pasts & Last goodbyes

*COMPLETED* Brynn and Emiliana are just settling in there new flat in Manchester U.K. All Emiliana wants is to do is forget her past, Brynn just wants to start over and begin her new life with her best friend. They wanted change, but they didn't know 5 boys could do the job. Will Brynn fall for the boy that could put her in danger or the boy who cant keep his eyes off her? With Emiliana's heart broken from her last relationship will she notice the boy who is always there for her?The boy who really loves her?


49. Uh-Oh

Em's P.O.V

Today is the day! I get to see my family again! I miss them so much! 

I got out of bed to find Lou and the twins dressed and ready. 

"Erm.. Lou, what have you got planned? Since when do you wake up early? What is going on?!" I laughed as he covered my mouth with his hand and kissed my forehead. 

"Good morning to you to!" He smiled and let me go. "I wanted to surprise you by getting us all ready and making you breakfast." 

I smiled and hugged the twins. "Good morning pumpkin." I kissed Kaylee's head. "And my little prince!"  I hugged Matthew. They both let out high pitch giggles. I stood up "I'm going to change I feel out of place."I gestured to Louis' baggy shirt and his boxers. (We had loads of fun last night. No pun intended.) 

I came back in black tights and a lace top, showing my stomach and bra.

Louis shook his head no. "The boys will be there! And you know how much Josh likes you..." Josh the drummer, was invited, he had fancied me for quite some time.

"Oh come on babe! Half of the boys are engaged or dating and Josh can go screw himself." I nodded and picked Kaylee up.

"Plus I'd like to wear cute clothes for as long as I still can."

Louis eyebrows furrowed as he thought about what I said.

"You're pregnant?" He chuckled happily.

"Yep. I found out last night when I threw up.. Probably last week at the fireplace..." I trailed off. He understood and smirked.



"Daddy! No!" Kaylee giggled as Louis started to sing some stupid car song. I shook my head and sang along.

"This is why I married you." He chuckled and pecked my cheek.

We were almost at Niall's flat when I heard a loud tire screeching noise and a bang. My first thoughts, are the twins okay?





SORRY OT END THE STORY IN SUCH TRAUMATIC EVENTS! MUAHAHAHAHAH! Sequel out soon! I will update here to tell you all the name! Thank you so much for reading!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Brynn, and Emiliana



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