Broken pasts & Last goodbyes

*COMPLETED* Brynn and Emiliana are just settling in there new flat in Manchester U.K. All Emiliana wants is to do is forget her past, Brynn just wants to start over and begin her new life with her best friend. They wanted change, but they didn't know 5 boys could do the job. Will Brynn fall for the boy that could put her in danger or the boy who cant keep his eyes off her? With Emiliana's heart broken from her last relationship will she notice the boy who is always there for her?The boy who really loves her?


36. Meet you at the alter

Louis`s P.O.V 

Harry took a deep breath. I could see tears forming in his eyes. I put my hands on both shoulders and looked into his eyes. 

"Come on Harry. Don`t do this." He looked at the ground then back up. "It`s just... Your my best friend lou... and we have been friends for years, and seeing you moving on with your life and... I love you mate." I felt tears fall down my cheeks. 

All the other boys were in tears too.  I looked around and laughed. 
"Look at us we are worse then the ladies!" We all chuckled and walk out of the small room. When we got to the ceremony hall I greeted all of our family and friends. After I took my place beside Harry and stood at the alter waiting for my bride. 


Em`s P.O.V 

"Okay....Now turn around." I turned around and I was shocked at the reflection in the mirror. My off the shoulder white gown had lace design all over it. With a corset as welll made of lace it hugged my body which today I was proud of. My hair flowed with curls and a barret held my bangs. I stared at Brynn. 

"You did this?" I was shocked. I was always the better one at makeup and hair. But I suppose she got better over the years. 

"I wanted you to be perfect on your special day." He finger wiped under her eye. Staying away from her eye makeup. 

She pulled me to her in a bear hug. "You know you are best friend in the world. You are my boo, my Emmy and My sister. Your life is going to change now forever and I can`t wait to be there for you like you have been there for me all my life. You have changed my life by being my best friend and I will never lose you." She pulled away and we both wiped each others tears. 

"Now!" She sighed and gazed all over me. My heart started to race. It was time to get married. I was beyond ready but, So nervous. "Lets get you married." She skipped with me to the doors of the ceremony room. When she skipped her dress flowed back and forth. I picked out the dress with Brynn and Niall. He said he liked this color the best the aqua blue. You would be surpised how much fashion sense he had. 

She stopped me behind the door as she started to walk down the aisle. She was the maid of honor so she went first, Then me. 

Brynn`s P.O.V 

I walked down the aisle shaking half to death. I was so nervous for Em and Louis. I just made contact with Harry. He looked so fit in a tux. But what caused tears come into my eyes was the sight of Louis and Harry standing together at the end of the aisle. I made my way to the end and took my place on the opposite side of Harry. 

I shook away my tears and smiled at Harry. He gave his famous smirk and patted Louis`s shoulder. The music started to play and the doors opened. Em stood for a couple seconds letting everyone stare at her beauty. I looked over at Louis who was staring at her with his mouth open. He fixed it into a smile and Em began walking. 

She made her way to us and her dad handed her to Louis. They stood infront of Harry and I hand in hand. The way they stared at each other as they said there vows was true love. I glanced over at the first row of guests and saw the twins in Louis`s mum`s arms. They were giggling quietly witch made Lou and Em chuckle inbetween there vows. 

"I do." Em finally said. 

"You may kiss your bride." They leaned in and gave a passionate kiss to each other. We all clapped as they walked out hand in hand. I was to busy staring at my best friend walking away from me to notice Harry approach me. 

"May I Love?" He held his hand out and I took it as we walked to the dining hall. 

~Later that Night~ 

Louis`s P.O.V 

We ran out together through the crowd to get to the car. We reached the end of the crowd and Em was shaking off the confetti in her beautiful hair. Zayn gave me hug and whispered some words of advice in my ear. Skipping details he doesn`t want anymore babysitting jobs.  

I hugged all the mates and and all the family. I embrased Em`s hand with mine and jumped into the car. She hoped onto my lap in her cocktail dress with our matching toms on. It was a cute honeymoon outfit. Plus she looked so fit. We drove away and we  both read each others mind. She grabbed my neck and gave me a passionate kiss. We explored eachother and I pulled away smiling. "Exited arn`t we Mrs.Tomlinson?" She smiled and placed her hands on my chest. I pulled her onto my lap more so she was closer. 

"I like the sound of that." She whispered into my ear. I cleared my throat and she chuckled. She knew what she was doing to me."Exuse me Driver? When will be getting to wherever the hell we are going?" He couldn`t see us becuase we wanted privacy but he could hear us. "Mr.Styles told me very clearly not to let anything out." I sighed and continued to kiss my beautiful wife.

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