Broken pasts & Last goodbyes

*COMPLETED* Brynn and Emiliana are just settling in there new flat in Manchester U.K. All Emiliana wants is to do is forget her past, Brynn just wants to start over and begin her new life with her best friend. They wanted change, but they didn't know 5 boys could do the job. Will Brynn fall for the boy that could put her in danger or the boy who cant keep his eyes off her? With Emiliana's heart broken from her last relationship will she notice the boy who is always there for her?The boy who really loves her?


27. Just You and Me.

Brynn`s P.O.V 

I shifted the covers causing Harry to moan. I think we have been laying here for 3 hours. Just talking. It was nice. 

"Just a little while longer." His raspy morning voice hummed on the top of my head. He took a deep heavy breath causing my head to move up then down. I angled my head up and kissed his cheek. 

"I think we should do something today instead of laying in bed all day." He chuckled and we both sat up against the headboard still in eachothers arms. 

"Just you and I?" I gave him a quick kiss on the lips 

"yah." He smiled and stared at my lips. "I already have something planned." He jumped out of bed and I followed. He went to his dresser and tossed me a hoodie. 

"Get dressed." I held the hoodie in my arms. It had a paw on it and read Ed Sheeran. I looked up at him and he had his famous smirk on his face. 

"Come on go get dressed." I ran to the bathroom to change. 

Harry`s P.O.V 

She looked so adorable with my hoodie on. Which was massive on her but she paired it well with her tight blue skinny jeans. When we got outside of the 02 it was crowded with people. I clasped Brynn`s hand and jumped infront of her to lead her inside. Paparazzi already snapped some pictures of me and her. She must be scared to death. I pulled her in front of me and kept walking towards the enterance. 

We finally got inside and we were both out of breath. 

"Are you okay babe?" 

She nodded and looked around at the filled arena. I chuckled to myself. Just looking at her I knew this was her first concert. I guided her to our seats. We had floor seats of course, But not that close to the stage. I wanted some privacy from Ed. 

"Thank you so much Harry for this." I kissed her lips passionatly but quickly. 

"Anything for my little bird." She smiled and I embraced her in a tight hug. 

Brynn`s P.O.V 

This was perfect. I was watching Ginger Jesus on stage and swaying to the beat of Kiss me. Harry`s arms were tight around my waist and our hands collided. His head was in the crook of my neck and My head leaned back onto his chest. I could hear Harry`s voice singing along with Ed. Nothing could be more perfect. 

I felt Harry`s hand move into my hoodie pocket and pulled out my phone. We both pulled apart from our positions slightly. My phone was vibrating like crazy. 


I could barely hear a voice in the backround. But they were screaming for sure. 

"Hello? Who is this?" 

"It`s Louis... Brynn please come we need you. Em is having the babies... Now," 

I dropped the phone to the ground. This is way too early. 

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