Harry !

Alexis is a 17 year old girl who returned from New York, in an instant moment of her life become more complicated, there is love story between a boy called Harry Styles, created an incredible chemistry between them, but what happens at the end
  Will they be together, if they break up, will they betray? All know the story!


2. part 2


I got up the next morning, I arranged and my mother woke me up too school Bye, Good day" she said and kissed me" . "Bye" I said and closed the door" I headed for the locker and took the things. "So today you at my home in five, waiting for you, 'Harry said. 'Wait,' I "said bitterly. "I'll wait he said. "You are blocking the entrance" I said, and closed the locker . 'Here you go" he said, moving. "What do you want from me? "I asked him after I noticed he was going after me" 'Meet you' he said and again smiled his goofy grin stuck to him. "I have a boyfriend Remember?" I said dismissively. "So that means you can not have friends?" he laughed. "I understand you want Brad beats you" I said. "You're worth it I would get beaten up because of you? " He wondered. I walked into class and he remained there standing by the door. How I hate him. Interval arrived and sat in the yard with Kendall when I saw the chemistry teacher, Mr. David. I ran to him. "Teacher" shouted, and he was arrested" Yes Alexis" he said. "Remember my name" I giggled. "How could I forget after your first lesson disorder me a million times" he said. "Sorry, I'm really, really sorry, I did play it. Ok, anything else? "He asked. "Yes, I can do the job with Kendall? "I asked" I'm sorry but no,you with Harry" he said" 'But I do not get along with him, I said" "You will learn to get along if you want to get a good grade on this project, he said" , how I hate teachers and school rules. "Well, how long the job? "I asked. "You have to submit it by the end of the week" he said. "Weekend! Today is Wednesday, we have only two days! "I said, do not believe that we have no time. 'I'm sorry, get to work two days is a long time and the project is not really big, two hours and you finish it" he said" , thought or two with Harry?! It's going to be a nightmare. "All right, thank you "I said and went back to Kendall. "Two hours, with Harry?! What did I do to deserve this?!" I murmured" . "You'll get through this, she tried to encourage me" 'I hope" I said. "Have you seen Brad? " I continued. "He did not come today I think" she said" 'Too bad," I said then, it rang" The day passed slowly and boredom. After school I waited for Harry left the classroom. "So where do you live? "I muttered nervously. "Oh, you take my suggestion" he said, and smiled again his smile, what has that smile!. "Any suggestion we are going to learn and this is to fantasize too much "I said nervously further. "Okay honey" he said. "honey call your company" I said. "Here's the address" he said, and gave me a note. "See you at five" he said and walked away. I got home, I opened the door and shouted, "I'm home". 'Up" I heard the voice of the Father then he went downstairs. "How was school? 'He asked" '" Boring" I said  I "There are lessons? 'He asked. 'Soon I will do it "I said and I took off my shoes and lay down on the couch and turned on TV. He shut off my TV 'up. The. Right now. Classes, he said. 'Awf, Toov' I said and went upstairs. My parents follow carefully especially in school. They always invite me to private teachers, but who listens to them. I went upstairs and homework, do not believe that I really listen to my father. It was ten to five. Harry, Awoof. 'Where are you going? "Dad asked. 'Do a project chemistry' I said. 'That's how you dress for doing a project in chemistry? 'He remarked. 'Well I do not have time' I said. "I'll drop you, 'he said. 'Well,' I said. Got into the car and strapped. "So who is it? 'He asked. 'Child in the class, I said. "His parents are home? 'He asked. Yes, do not worry anyway I hate this kid so I'll try to finish it as soon as possible and I hate to learn 'I said, hoping his parents will not be home. 'I hope,' he said. "Bye" I said and closed the door. I moved and rang the bell. Harry opened. 'Alexis' he said slowly and looked at me from top to bottom, stopping and looking at my bare belly. 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' I told him. He looked up and smiled. 'Conferences' he said. I walked in and the house was nicely decorated, the house was neat and clean smell of the pit. 'So who's in? "I sat down in the living room. "I made sure to remove all is said and brought me a glass of cold Coke.  
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