Harry !

Alexis is a 17 year old girl who returned from New York, in an instant moment of her life become more complicated, there is love story between a boy called Harry Styles, created an incredible chemistry between them, but what happens at the end
  Will they be together, if they break up, will they betray? All know the story!


1. part 1


Alexis, get up, it's your first day and you don't want to late" I heard my mother scream from the kitchen i wake up" Iyelled back" I got up washed my face, I arranged and dressed for the first day at a new school so my wrong. I went downstairs. Mother reading a magazine and drinking her coffee and father reading the newspaper, drinking his coffee. "Good Morning" Dad said and kissed me on the forehead. 'Good morning,' I said and took a bag of chocolate from the fridge. You want a ride? 'Mom asked. 'No, I'll walk with Kendall. I said and walked into the living room. you have just 20 more minutes Daddy city" . 'Kendall should be here any minute "I said and turned off the TV" I threw my chocolate sink and then came the ringing of a bell. "Bye" I said and took my bag was on the kitchen table "Good luck and no nonsense 'Dad said . 'Okay,' I said, raising my eyebrows. 'I see you' Mom said. "Well, bye" I said and walked out. 'So welcome to London "Kendall said, hugging me. '  Shawish, London real bargain "I said and laughed". 'So how was New York? 'She asked." 'Good,' I said. Continued talking and then we got to school" 'I must go to submit this work to the teacher of mathematics" Kendall said. "Ok, I'll be fine 'I said, and we parted" I moved my school, the school was mine at least. Then I saw him sitting there on the bench all the girls staring at him. A tone sounds and the girls scattered around them. I came behind him and covered his eyes. "Emma? Daniel? Lindsay? Kate? "He tried to guess. 'Alexis' I said slowly. 'What! 'He asked, amazed. I removed my hands from his eyes and he looked at me. 'Wow,' he murmured. 'Hey,' I said and giggled. I gave him a little kiss on the lips and sat down next to him. 'I don't believe" he said, and moved my hair behind her ear. 'So Believe' I whispered. 'You said you're only back in the half" he said. 'Is there a problem? "I do not understand why he was unhappy 'Not at all,' he said and kissed me. 'Now we're late" he stood up and held by the hand. We moved down the empty hallway, holding hands. "This is my stop" I said, I was stopped at the door of  123. Smiled at him and went to class with him, still holding hands. Everyone looked at me with a look of what?! When?!. "A young girl was ringing before 20 minutes has been 'the teacher said" . she new and found her class' Brad said"
."Come conferences and not waste time"
I moved and sat on the bench last class. "So when you came back? " Harry sitting in front of me asked, turning to me. 'Never you mind,' I told him. 'you there and harry  what you talking about ?! "The teacher shouted at us. 'The project' Harry said. 'Well, you will be partners in this project, you listened and she didn't so learn it and you complete the material,' he kept shouting at us. 'Well now I'm stuck with you to do a prborin goject  chemistry, Thank you' I whispered. 'There is nothing" he said, he turned to me and smiled annoying stuck to him. I wanted to throw my notebook but I restrained myself. Recess time came and went with Kendall out, sat on the grass and then Brad came. All the break we talked about what I went through in New York and they told me what happened here. During recess, we turned around and saw the cheerleading squad, after I learned I was in New York and chief cheerleader there, I want to return it. "The cheerleader with Lindsay! With her Emma?! 'Kendall almost shouted" . 'Do not worry, I will be OK" I said and she smiled. "I missed you Alexis" she said and laughed" The bell rang and I walked towards my locker, Kendall with me. Hall emptied children then Harry moved us. 'Well, I'm going,' Kendall said after she saw Harry" . "Have fun " she whispered to me and laughed. " Really! Harry?! "I said, and she laughed" 'So Alexis, tomorrow me five "Harry said, leaning against the locker was next to my locker" ' we will see "I said and closed the locker door " , moving toward since the class with my equipment . -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- So let's start from the beginning, my name is Alexis Teri. 17 years old from London. All my life I lived in London but then at the age of 14  my dad got a job in New York. He is an engineer, moved to New York for a year and a half where I met Brad. Handsome boy of my age. After a year, Brad moved to London and began studying my school. All my life I only prestigious schools. My school was becoming more popular flock and Van Dirksn discovered the program X Factor. Meanwhile, they do not go on tour, they want to finish school but they are in London. Class I learned a whole bunch. And now we move to my life. I'm an only child, sometimes it's fun and sometimes really, really annoying, all my childhood I was bored, all my childhood I always wanted a brother or sister but because my parents always we did not want another child. My mother called Christie, is blonde with blue eyes, is not high, not low, is in the middle. Is quite thin. My dad called Chris, is diabolical with brown eyes, is high. I'm demonic with blue eyes, each inherited something, I'm pretty thin but high correct.  My hair is on the border of some waves and it is long but not too much, I have side bangs that I love him. I love to laugh and make a mess, my parents are educated and have always done were small but my parents are distinguished status does not mean I'm a good student. Zionists do not interest me so much, I do not invest in them, I'm a student right, there worse than me.
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