Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Photo Shoots. Concerts. Paperazzis. This is the everyday life of celebreties such as Kaitlyn, who just happens to be the star of our story here. Most people would love to be in her place, but she feels that her life isn't going anywhere. To top things off, she's caught in the middle of a Romeo and Juliette relationship, and the press wont get off of it. Maybe someday, she'll find herself so happy she'll be over the moon. Or rainbow so to speak! :-)


1. To Finally See You Again

Kaitlyns POV

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! The sound of my alarm clock rang in my ears as I dragged myself out of bed. 4:30 a.m., the start of another long day. And why, do you ask, am I up so early? Well today I have a CD signing, an awards show, a walk on the red carpet, and a concert. Not to mention all the normal things like cleaning the house, and homework that my tutor gives me. In case you haven't guessed already, Im a celebrity. A singer to be exact, but I do some acting and dancing. I know that most 18 year olds would love to take my place, and sometimes I just want to give it to them. What happens when my music isn't popular anymore? What if there's a big scandal about me? Worries like this constantly plague my mind. I often wonder what it's like to be a normal teenager. Sounds depressing doesn't it? I'm gonna change my attitude because I honestly love singing and I'm thankful that I get to do it everyday. So I trudge into the hotel bathroom to emerge 1/2 an hour later feeling much better than before. I had taken a shower, and changed into some grey trackpants frome AeroPostale and a T-shirt saying 'Sweet Thing' on it. My straight, mid-length brown hair was tied back casually. The minute I was done my breakfast of toast with jam, I grabbed my purse and jumped into my sunshine yellow convertible. I quickly put some sunglasses on my face, 1 so that no one would recognize me, (The yellow car probably didn't help my cause) and 2 because the early summer sun was beaming down on me. I smiled as I turned the key, and my car roared to life. Summer was my absolute favourite season, and coincedently, it was the time of my birthday, and my last name just happens to be Summers. Ironic, huh? I cranked up the music and settled in for a long drive.

Finally, I pulled up to my destination, an enourmous mall, that would defianetely challenge the size of that huge one in Toronto, back home in Ontario. Yep, I'm proudly Canadian, born and raised! I rushed inside the place through a back entrance, where I was rushed into a room by my wardrobe team. For this CD signing they had given me some denim skinny jeans and a hot pink halter top. I changed, then was rushed into another room, where I had my hair curled into long, flowing locks, and my makeup done quite neutrally, although my makeup artist couldn't help adding some pink eyeshadow to match my top. Wow, a mall even had all these rooms? Lastly, I was handed a humongous breifcase and given directions to where I was supposed to show up.

Up ahead I saw a table and chair set up, and a line was forming in front of it. I had found my area, and I had only gotten lost twice! :-P As I had a seat and waved to the crowd, cheers erupted and I tried to avoid turning completly red. To this day, I still blush when people cheer. My bodygaurds controling the crowd smiled kindly at me. Before we started, I opened up my breifcase and staring me in the face were hundreds of photos of myself from my last photo shoot. I groaned and snapped it shut, stuffing it under the table. start handing these out and I'd be like Lockhart from Harry Potter (My all time favourite series) and I didn't want that. No sooner had I put the case under the table, a short, redhaired fan came up and placed my second album on the table. I greeted her with a grin and made polite conversation with her. Following were a tall blonde girl who looked about 15, a black haired couple, and a single teenaged mother with her 2 year old daughter. I couldn't help but smile when the little one came around and gave me a hug. The list went on and on. At around noon, the last few people were walking off, CDs in hand, and my bodyguard Daniel gave me a sandwich to eat. For lunch. I thanked him profusely, realizing that I had forgotten to pack my lunch. Although, I did make sure he had one too before accepting it. Ham and cheese, yum! I helped out with taking down the table and signs, and practically ran back to my car, chewing big bites of sandwich the whole way. One event down, a whole lot more to go!

*6 hours later*

Ugh, talk about a sore throat! 2 hours straight of singing, Im dying! Normally, my day is over after a concert, but I had an afternoon one today so that I could make it to the Teen Choice Awards. Although, currently, I'm at my hotel room with my wardrobe team and makeup artists. They had chosen one of my favourite dresses, a short blue one with a black bow on the side of my waist. All of my jewlery was silver and black, I noticed, as I put on some earrings. My hair was once again curled, and put into a bun with curls hanging down the side to frame my face. Today my makeup was somehow... different, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I liked it though. I took a blue purse and slipped on blue heels. Guess Im colour coordinated. I exited the hotel, where a limo was waiting for me. Real low key right? Well then again, my bright yellow is kinda... well... bright. I climbed inside and the driver took me to the location where the show would be held. It seemed to take forever, but we eventually pulled into a place where the famous red carpet was stretched out. Through the tinted windows, I saw none other than Ryan Secrest infront of the camara saying "Now who could this be?" motioning to my limo. I'm assuming that was a perfect time to get out, so I took a deep breath, plastered a smile on my face, and opened the door. "Hello Kaitlyn!" He exclaimed as he gave me a quick hug. "You look stunning tonight!"  "Thanks!" I replied. Yea. Genious answer right? In my opinion though, I made a good comeback by asking about American Idol, one of my favourite shows. After a few minutes of talking though, he suggested that I go meet my fans. In between frequent appearences from other celebrities, and signing various things for the crowd, I realized that I didn't have to have a fake smile. I was grinning ear to ear without it. And that was before the next limo showed up. In the background, I heard Ryan greeting another person. "It's Hayley Simons everyone!" Oh. My. Gosh. No way!!!!!! Hayley and I met in Kindergarten believe it or not. Our friendship lasted through when I moved away from Brampton, Ontario, and then when she moved to Newfoundland. It's become very strained since we both became famous though. We dreamed about it since we were 8, but we never knew how it would rip us apart. Come to think of it, I haven't actually seen her since 2009, but we've phoned eachother. But thats why I was so excited that she was here. I ran up to her, and she had seen me too, by the looks of it. "You didn't tell me you were nominated for a Teen's Choice!" We both said at the same time. Then we burst out laughing. Just like old times! She actually looked quite different since I've last seen her. Her highlighted hair was pulled into a high pony, and she had added plenty of extensions to make it longer. Her black dress also fit her perfectly. Chatting constantly, we only stopped when 5 guys toppled out of the latest limo. My celebrity crushes standing right infront of me. And incase you're wondering, which I'm sure you're not, yes, it was One Direction.



Hey everyone!Sorry this chapter is pretty long, I'm just really excited for my first movella! Please keep reading, I'm hoping to have the next chapter out soon. Like everyone will tell you, Please like and favourite, and comment any feedback, or suggestions!

Thanks!!!! -Kaity



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