Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Photo Shoots. Concerts. Paperazzis. This is the everyday life of celebreties such as Kaitlyn, who just happens to be the star of our story here. Most people would love to be in her place, but she feels that her life isn't going anywhere. To top things off, she's caught in the middle of a Romeo and Juliette relationship, and the press wont get off of it. Maybe someday, she'll find herself so happy she'll be over the moon. Or rainbow so to speak! :-)


5. Mix & Match

Kaitlyns POV

As I was eating my cereal, there was a knock on my door. Groaning, I went to go open it. Hayley was standing there with Amber, looking absolutely horrible. "Girl, whats wrong?" I asked my long time bestie. Her hair wasnt brushed, she was wearing wrinkled clothes, and her mascara was running from crying. Trust me, it takes a lot to make Hayley cry. "The rumours are getting worse by the hour" Amber answered for her. She showed me her phone, and on it, there were rude comments, plenty of swearing, and threats to kill Hayleys 'baby'. I let them in and sat them down at the table. I whipped out my phone and logged on to all the social media sites I had an acount on and started the long process of getting rid of all the dumb things going around about Hayley. On Facebook, I left a message saying 'back off ppl, shes NOT pregnant and who cares even if she was. its none of ur buisness'. On Twitter, I tweeted 'simpson is a liar and i dont know why any of u think an 18 year old would do such a thing'. On Instagram I posted a picture of just how upset Hayley was with the description 'rumours are powerful, especially when theyre not true. before u post, think about how she feels'. Finishing up, I went to go get some ice cream for the poor girl. So what if its 7:00 in the morning? We always used to have chocolate for breakfast, and she needed a pick me up. Forget the cereal, we all shared an enormous sundae. Healthy, right?

1/2 an hour later, I had us all infront of the TV watching a taped AFV show, when there was ANOTHER knock at my door. What now? I yanked open the door to find a blond, Irish cutie standing there. Shoot. How could I have forgotten? We stood there awkwardly for a few moments, when he brought me down to earth by saying "So, would you like to go now?" "Oh, umm, Im so sorry but you know the rumours about Hayley?" He nodded. "Well, shes my best friend, and theyve got her down. Shes actually inside right now..." "Is she a 1D fan?" He interupted. "Yaaaaa, why?" "Oh no reason..." and he ran down the steps back to his car, jumped in, and dove away. Great. Just great. Niall ditched me. Was this some kind of joke? Is she a fan? Yes. Okay bye. Real classy. Just then, my phone rang. I picked up. "Hi love! Is it okay if I come back in a few minutes with some friends? I might know a way to cheer Hayley up..." "Ohhhhhhh. Is this going where I think its going?" I asked, relieved Niall didnt leave for no reason. "Probably. SO is it settled?" "Sure. See you then!" I hung up and rushed inside to talk to the girls.

When I got to my living room, Amber was lauging at a cute baby video, and Hayley cracked a smile. "Ladies, you gotta change into something nicer!" I demanded. "Im having guests and I need you here... just not in sweat pants." "But..." They started. "No buts, you can borrow my clothes. Now go!" Everyone laughing, I shooed them away playfully. Later they emerged, Amber in my denim jeans, and blue halter top, Hayley in a short skirt and a white lacy top, and me in shorts and a one-shouldered top. We looked like teenaged celebrities! Wait, we were. I forgot about that... it just didnt seem real sometimes.

"I hear theres someone in here that needs cheering up!!!" Yelled a shrill voice, and my head snapped back to see who had made the noise. A brown haired boy jumped into the room and shook the pompoms in his hands. "Louis, where exactly did you get those?" someone asked in a slow, deep voice. THE Harry Styles, I assume. "What? I told you someone needed CHEERING up in here!" "Ugh, I didnt mean it literally." said a voice I recognized as Niall. Now that I knew Niall, I wasnt as nervous to meet the rest of them, but the looks on Hayley and Ambers faces were priceless. They all entered the room, and one of the girls behind me screamed. Hugs went around, and I was happy to finally meet them.

??? POV

When I entered the room, I couldnt help staring at one girls face. She was beautiful. Amazing. No, what was I thinking, I couldnt think that. I would NOT EVER let myself think that again...

??? POV

Like I saw before, that girl was stunning. Her long brown hair was flowing perfectly down her back, and her face seemed flawless. Well, its probably a good thing noone can see inside my thoughts, because I couldnt possibly be in more trouble if someone found out...

??? POV

High-lighted hair, black makeup, and the prettiest face I've ever seen. Thats what I saw when I walked in. Love at first sight? Probably. Maybe, hopefully, if I play it just right, I could pull this off...

Ambers POV

Oh my gosh. ONE DIRECTION! No way. No way. No way. I have FOREVER loved Louis Tomlinson. My celebrity crush. And here I am hugging him. Were both a little crazy it looks like, and maybe we could become friends. Anything else might be a little unlikely but Id settle easily. Just then, Kaitys phone buzzed and she left the room, and didnt come back for at least 15 minutes. Even when she did, she wasnt happy. Id chat with her later and see whats wrong. Right now I was enjoying myself and taking advantage of this moment. Soon enough, I got my chance to chat with Louis. We talked about everything and nothing, and in the end, he slipped his number into my hands, along with the rest of the boys'. "I hope they dont mind." He whispered to me, and we giggled. This moment was going to be one that I remembered forever.


So, anyone know which POV belongs to which guy, and who hes talking about? Comment any suspections you have!! Hope youre enjoying my movella!!!!!!

-Kaity <3

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