Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Photo Shoots. Concerts. Paperazzis. This is the everyday life of celebreties such as Kaitlyn, who just happens to be the star of our story here. Most people would love to be in her place, but she feels that her life isn't going anywhere. To top things off, she's caught in the middle of a Romeo and Juliette relationship, and the press wont get off of it. Maybe someday, she'll find herself so happy she'll be over the moon. Or rainbow so to speak! :-)


7. Beach Day... Or Beach Date?

Zayns POV

"Awww, my mates are in love!" I tease. 3 of them turn red. "Like you dont looooove Perrie!" someone shot back. I didnt know who, but probably Louis with a girly comment like that. "So you wanna go to the beach?" Niall asked to change the subject. So, we made plans. Then we made Liam pack for us.

Ambers POV

When Hayley was feeling considerably better, I decided to invite the girls for a beach day.

To: Hayleypatricia & Kaitykitkat

From: AA1987

hey girls you wanna go to the beach 2day? 12 is good for me.

From Hayley I got

sure, im all in. see u there, assuming its the one we live by.

But from Kaitlyn I got

had a concert last night, voice is blown. dont kno if ill come. well see.

That seemed less than optimistic, but at least Hayley was coming, we'd have a great time. I put on my rainbow striped bathing suit and tied up my wavy brown hair. My ever present anklet was on, the friendship one I shared with Hayley and Kait, and a girl named Sam before she betrayed us. I threw on a cute sundress with a flower pattern over my swimsuit, and packed up a bag with sunscreen, a floppy hat, flipflops, etc. etc. Then I had a brilliant idea. I texted Niall to ask if he could bring the guys, and crossed my fingers until he replied, saying sure, hed ask them. Yes! So naturally, I jumped into my blue car and raced to the beach.

Kaitlyns POV

Blech. I can hardly talk, and I had to spend a day in the hot, hot sun. I had defianately considered not going, but the beach was my absolute favourite place. I couldnt not go. I trudged into my room and got ready to go. A 2 peice bathing suit, some basic beach stuff like towels to sit on, and a lunch. When I tried to sing in my car, I discovered that my voice was getting better, but it wasnt 100%. Arriving at the beach, I soaked in the sun as I walked along the shore. The water was producing amazing waves, and I considered going home to get my surfboard, but I would be late to meet the girls. In the distance, I saw 7 shadows standing around. Could it be? I approached, and it was. "Hello, theres quite a crowd huh?" I said in a rather hoarse voice. The guys were with Hayley and Amber. We had met several times since they nearly gave me a heart attack in the living room. We were all close friends actually. I had a crush on one of them... but none of youre buisness! "Glad you could make it." Amber snapped, but I could tell she wasnt really mad. We all laid down our blankets and ate sandwitches. Niall had a chicken salad, no doubt leftovers from Nandos, and the rest of them had normal deli meats, me with salami. "When can we go in the water!?!?" I whined like a little kid. Forget sun tanning and sand castles, I lived for the water. "Im done, lets go!" Hayley cried. Both of us being good swimmers and qualified lifeguards, we dove right in. Soon, we were joined by Amber and One Direction. I got a splash from behind, and I spun around to get another one in the face. "LOUIS!" I roared, and splashed him back. Obviously, it only took seconds before everyone else caught on. Water was spraying everywhere, and noone knew who to aim for anymore. When I wasnt blindly stirring up waves, I went under so I couldnt get splashed. During one of these times underwater, I got an idea. I dolphin kicked until it was too shallow to swim, and I ran up the sand. Please let it be there please let it be there... I checked my beach bag, and it was staring me in the face, 2 water guns, one that was my brothers, and one was mine. I reached in and pulled one out. Squirt!!! I sprayed Zayn in the back of the head. "You messed up my HAIR!" He cried. "Whoops, I was off" I giggled. His hair was already a lost cause. Next I got Niall in the face, and Harry in the chest. I felt something cold against my back. Looks like Hayley found the other water gun. I sprayed her back, and it went on for a while. A good 15 minutes at least. We had lost some energy though, and we stopped attacking and made peace with other activities. The water war had ended. The girls swam pointlessly, Louis, Niall, and Zayn went scuba diving, and Harry and Liam were surfing. Surfing? There was a rental surfboard place at this beach, of course! I rushed to go get one. Pink lotus flowers? Itll do. Before long, I was paddling out, waiting for a good wave. I looked out onto the horizon, Harry had a good one. Liam was waiting just like me. There it was! A perfect wave was beginning to form, and without thinking, I paddled out. It was second nature, I used to surf alot more than I do now. Almost there, and I realized Liam had spotted the same one, and it was a race. I stuck out my tongue at him playfully, and he winked, mouthing 'its on'. Agreed then. Closer, closer, closer, and... there, I had done it! Take that Liam! Or maybe not. I looked back, and he was there, shooting the tube because I was blocking his way. Well he was a better surfer than I thought. I bent my knees a bit more and ran my hand along the wall of the wave. I shot forward. He would NOT do what I thought he was doing... would he? After all, he was gaining on me, and 2 people couldnt ride one wave for long. "WIPEOUT!" He yelled, and before I knew what he was talking about, he elbowed me gently in the ribs, but it was enough to throw me off balance. I went tumbling into the water. Yep, wipeout.

I surfaced, and the wave was winding down. He jumped off, and returned looking smug. "So much for being the responsible one." I teased. I squinted against the sun, and I saw that Harry had fallen too. I wasnt alone. Eventually, Zayn joined us too. By then though, it was dusk, and we were finishing up the last waves of the day. We were all tired and went up to the sand to clean up our stuff. I packed up, but decided to take a walk before leaving. I set off, the water gently lapping over my feet. It reminded me of home. Not here in England, but back in Canada. I was born and raised in Ontario, and I was dying to go back, but I also have family in Nova Scotia. I used to visit every summer, for at least 3 weeks, but things happen, and I havent been there since... 5 years ago. Although I never lived there, the quiet countryside, the friendly people, my grandparents small fishing town of Mavillette always felt more like home than Ontario ever did or ever will. Looking out to the water now, if I used my imagination, I could be there right now. At the beach, the one my grandparents lived 5 minutes away from. 11 years old again. The Atlantic Ocean stretched on and on in front of me... a tear escaped my eye. Couldnt I go back? Was it to late? Yes it was. My tour started a few weeks. Not this year. Home. The word turned over in my mind. Home. "Beautiful, dont you think love?" someone asked from behind me. I nodded, but didnt turn around. I didnt need to. I knew who it was. His arms wrapped around my waist. Usually I would have freaked out, but I had been secretly hoping for this for a long time. "On tour, do you ever miss home?" I asked. "Yes, and thats why Im here. This summer, the boys and I are touring the UK because we couldnt stay away any longer." I sighed. at least I wasnt alone, though I was dumb to think that I was. Of course every celebrity missed their home. "Youre crying. Dont cry, ok?" His voice whispered in my ear. "Would you like to go swimming again with me?" I nodded. Luckily we were both still in our bathing suits, so we walked straight in to the waves.

We traveled out until the water was just below our necks. I turned to him. The sun was setting, putting splashes of colour in the sky across the horizon. I could see the outline of his curly hair and his strong figure. Why did I have to wait so long for this? We edged closer, and he picked me up. Would it happen? Please, let it happen. I was vaguely aware of his hand in my hair and his arm, once again, around me. We got closer, and closer, until we were milimetres apart. cheesy I know, but it was true. I stared into his brown eyes. Eventually, I closed mine and eliminated the space. The kiss was everything Id hoped for. Nevermind sparks, there were fireworks. For a few moments, we were one. We had to pull apart though, but I refused to go far. He didnt seem to mind in the slightest. "Liam, I love you." The words were so simple, so basic. But it was what I felt. Liam didnt answer, and my heart sped up. Uh oh. Before I could register anything though, he had pressed his lips against mine again and I was incredibly happy. We ended up kissing so passionately it was embarrasing when I looked back on it. But I had no regrets. We stopped again. "I love you too Kaitlyn. And I have for a while, but I just never wanted to spoil our frienship." But a thought popped into my head. "Umm....... werent you dating Danielle?" I stammered, afraid of the answer. Liam went pale. Not good. He was still with Danielle. Suddenly I felt incredibly, horribly guilty.


Well, i hope nobody saw that coming! im not exactly great at secrecy, but i hope that was a surprise. but, the 2 lovebirds arent a couple yet. will the danielle/liam problem affect the relationship? come to think of it... i dont even know. i think as i write! if u have suggestions for the story feel free to let me know since i dont have a definite story line, just an idea of how itll end up. thanks!


ps i just found out that my friends mother passed on, so please say a prayer for her and the family. pass on the message of finding a cure for cancer, the thing that took her life, and remember to be thankful for what you have, because it can be taken in the blink of an eye. :-( RIP MRS DELEAN :-(

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