Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Photo Shoots. Concerts. Paperazzis. This is the everyday life of celebreties such as Kaitlyn, who just happens to be the star of our story here. Most people would love to be in her place, but she feels that her life isn't going anywhere. To top things off, she's caught in the middle of a Romeo and Juliette relationship, and the press wont get off of it. Maybe someday, she'll find herself so happy she'll be over the moon. Or rainbow so to speak! :-)


2. And The Award Goes To...

Hayleys POV 

Our jaws dropped. Over iMessage or email me and Kaitlyn would always secretly fan girl over 1D. And now here they were, standing right in front of us! After we stopped gawking like idiots, we did our silent freak out. Should we go say hi? Should we stay away? Should we? Shouldn't we? It was decided for us when we were escorted into the building where the awards would be presented. Kaitlyn and I sat beside eachother, with the band a few rows behind us. There was an excited chatter from celebrities and fans alike, and the roar of the crowd amplified by a million when the host Beyonce walked on the stage, indicating that the awards show was about to start. First was the best TV show, which went to Vampire Diaries. The other nominees were Secret Circle, Pretty Little Liars, and Switched At Birth. Best country song went to Taylor Swift, with runner-up Lady Antebellum. Before long, Beyonce held another envelope, and Best Love Song popped up on the screen. I held my breath. First they showed a clip of Bruno Mars singing 'Locked Out Of Heaven' Then my heart skipped a beat as One Direction was singing 'That's What Makes You Beautiful' But it quickly changed to... wait. Kaitlyn was up on the big screen singing in her music video 'I Told You So' I was so surprised that I almost missed my clip of me singing 'The Beat Of My Heart'. Me and Kaitlyn were against eachother. "And the winner is..." I silently hoped that it was neither of us so that there was no awkwardness. "Kaitlyn Summers!" 

Kaitlyns POV

Im pretty sure there were at least some people cheering, but I wasn't sure. I was in a complete trance. It finally sunk in, and I gave Hayley a hug. Also beside me were Katy Perry who had won for Best Music Video and Carly Rae Jepsen who won Best New Single with This Kiss. They each congratulated me as I walked up to the stage. Beyonce handed me a mini trophy.

"Thank you so much for this award! This means so much to me, and I honestly don't know what to say except for thank you everybody!" With that lame speech I walked off back to my seat beside Hayley. "Im soo glad you won. Hayley said with a smile. "Thank you, but I wish you could win too."  "Ya well its ok im just so suprised that you beat One Direction over there, Hayley replied as she pointed to the guys. They all had their mouths open in shock, probably because they didnt win. "Hey! You dont think Im better than One Direction?" I asked, punching her in the arm playfully. The next nominees for best movie  of the year are the Hunger Games, Innocence, Texas Chainsaw, Bridesmaids. Hayley was in the movie Innocence, I hope she wins! Before they announced it, they said: "Here is a little sneak peek of the winning movie." Heres what was playing:

Conner: Jayne I know you murdered little Kayla, I wont tell anybody.

Jayne: Im not admitting anything to you, I cant trust you.

Conner: What can I do to get your trust back?

Jayne: Nothing!

Conner: Will this change your mind? * leans in and kisses Jayne* Can you trust me now?

Jayne: I...I... yes.

I know that movie, Hayley is in that movie, and just so happens Hayley plays the part of Jayne.


 OMG my movie!! It was playing! YAY!!! I got up and hugged Kaitlyn, then hugged Avril Lavigne who was beside me. I walked up to the stage and received the award that Beyonce handed me.  and walked off stage. Im so happy though, because all the winners go to the after-party.



So off to the after party! *Devious grin* Whats gonna happen? Actually I dont even know! This was kinda a pointless authors note wasnt it? :-)



















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