Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Photo Shoots. Concerts. Paperazzis. This is the everyday life of celebreties such as Kaitlyn, who just happens to be the star of our story here. Most people would love to be in her place, but she feels that her life isn't going anywhere. To top things off, she's caught in the middle of a Romeo and Juliette relationship, and the press wont get off of it. Maybe someday, she'll find herself so happy she'll be over the moon. Or rainbow so to speak! :-)


3. After-Party Problem

Kaitlyns POV

The last of the awards wrapped up, and all the winners trooped into the room that had been prepared for an awesome party. The dance floor was crowded as Tao Cruise's Dynamite played. A little outdated, but still catchy. I caught sight of several celebs that I was personally a fan of. Katy Perry who was sitting with me at the awards show, Will Smith who won for MIB, and so on & so forth. Before long, I had lost Hayley. Where had that girl gone? "BOO!" I heard someone yell behind me. I spun on my heels to find Louis Tomlinson standing behind me! Totally starstruck, I didnt know what to say. Luckily, Louis seemed a little drunk... oh wait. Louis always seems that way! Anyway, he spoke quickly. "Someone in the band fancies you and your friend, love!" With that, he ran away, and all the guys started laughing at my confused expression. I raised an eyebrow and shrugged it off. Probably some odd practical joke. As my search for Hayley continued, I bumped into our friend Amber. I hadn't seen her in a while either, so I was pretty pleased. In fact, I didnt have any way of contacting her, since she had changed her phone number without telling me. So, we exchanged new ones, and set out to look for Hayley together. On discovering that she was nowhere to be seen, we concluded our search in the girls bathroom, and of course, there she was. She was trying to apply more mascara, but unsuccesfully due to the tears rolling down her face. Her eyes lit up considerably though, when she spotted Amber. "Why are you crying girl?" Amber asked in a soft voice. "Its your night!" All Hayley sniffled out was: 'Cody Simpson dissed me! Badly!" Mental alarms went on in my head. The famous Cody Simpson was Hayleys ex-boyfriend and a jerk in my book. "This is a party sis! And you are at this party because you won an award! You won the award because youre amazing! So dont let it get you down!" I encouraged. And no, technically we arent sisters, but were as close as it gets. "Okay, but shoo so that I can get my makeup on right!" She gave a watery smile, and I could tell that she wasnt entirely convinced. I knew she could hold it together though.

Amber and I stepped outside, where Hayley soon joined us, looking a little better. Id ask for the details on the diss later. At that moment, the DJ yelled "Okay winners! Whoever is beside you is now your dance partner for the next song! The catch? You cant look at who they are!" How dumb. How do you dance with someone without looking at them? We all tried though. A slow song started and I groaned. Why? I was single and happy about it. And I HATED sappy stuff like this. Regardless, I was kinda stuck when someone tapped me on the back and asked me to dance in an accented voice. I nodded and closed my eyes before turning around. All of the 'couples' slowly danced around the floor together, but broke apart quite quickly when the song ended. Whoever was dancing with me hurried off the moment the last note was played. Before he did, however, he had stuffed a slip of paper in my hand. It had a number on it with the name 'Niall Horan' at the top. It was an amazing feeling, but a sad one too. I had just danced with Niall and not even known it!

The rest of the night passed in a flash. Before I knew it, I was sleepily getting into bed, when my phone buzzed. Hayley gave me the deets on how Cody had insulted her on the biggest interview of his career. The jerk! If I hadnt been raised in a Catholic house, I would be swearing at him right now! She was worried that this might be the end of her fame. You won an award, I pointed out, and she seemed content with this. Then I remembered the dance. I dialed Nialls, number, then decided to text instead. 'gr8 party huh?' I sent. 'yes congrats on the award' was the reply. The rest of our conversation went like this:

so how did u know who i was? especially since u werent supposed 2? :-p

well what was i supposed to do? ask harry? i saw that u were the only girl around and i recognized u from the show.

well that means im not invisible so thats a good sign.

ya i guess so. u wanna grab a coffee tomorrow?

ugh i hate coffee. u irish people. lol just kidding im 1/2 irish. not that it really counts. anyway, id love to go, as long as you dont make me drink that stuff!

sure its settled. meet u at the cafe near the place that the awards were held.

ok see u then!

Wow, I was gonna meet Niall. This time I would be able to see him too! I went to sleep happy, full of excitement for the next day!


Ok, another chapter out there! So do you think they'll fall in love? Stay tuned! Hope youre all enjoying my movella!

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