Alexis has been cut off from the world until she is 18. Her only wish is to get out in the world and be a part of things. When her birthday request is denied she takes things into her own hands and runs away. Badly wounded by her mother's brutal hand, she runs into One Direction and everything she was ever told about men was quickly discovered to be incorrect. Was her mother not up on male behavior, or was it all a ploy?


5. Help

Sorry for the wonky chapter endings.... I keep hitting save and publish instead of save as draft. Sorry! Silly fluke! Soccerlegend:)

"Are you okay?" One of the boys asks.
"No." I manage to say. I uncover my wound for a second, for them to see, but I didn't need to, since it had nearly the entire shirt soaked.
"Come on, we'll help!" A male says. I have no choice as I extend an arm and they pull me up. The boy that helps me up smiles, though he seems really worried. His shiny brown hair brushes my face as we walk along.
"What's your name?" The boy helping me asks.
"Alexis." I say as loudly as I can, which wasn't very loud at all.
"That's a pretty name. My name is Liam." He says.
"What about your last name?" He asks. I stare at him. Last name?
"I'm sorry, but what's a last name? I'm just Alexis." I say.
"Most people have more than one name. My first is Liam, and my last is Payne." The boy says.
"Liam is a nice name too." I say.
"Why thank you." He says. I double over from the pain now, and I become limp. I couldn't walk another step.
"Louis! Call 9-1-1!" Liam says. I simply lay on the ground. Another boy, I assume to be Louis, pulls a small rectangular box from his pants and starts tapping it. Louis then puts it up to his ear, and starts talking.
"Is he insane? He's talking to a box!" I say. Liam gives me a curious look, and takes my hand. He then slides his fingers down to my wrist and sits there in silence, staring off into the horizon. Was it just me, or did he appear to be counting. He then slides his hand back into mine and grips I tightly.
"Shoot.....Zayn!" He yells. Another boy comes over with short black hair.
"Take her pulse. Am I crazy or is it hardly perceptible?" He says. Zayn dos the same think Liam does and they just look at each other. One of the other boys come over.
"Ambulance is on its way, love! The wait is nearly over!" He yells brushing a thick mop of curls off of his face.
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