Alexis has been cut off from the world until she is 18. Her only wish is to get out in the world and be a part of things. When her birthday request is denied she takes things into her own hands and runs away. Badly wounded by her mother's brutal hand, she runs into One Direction and everything she was ever told about men was quickly discovered to be incorrect. Was her mother not up on male behavior, or was it all a ploy?


4. Boys....

I stumble along, having no idea what to do, or where to go. I've never left the cave before, so this was completely new. After following a long cavern, I come across a curtain of leaves. I push through it to be in light.
"Wow!" I say. The view was amazing, and I've never seen anything like it. I walk on, hoping to find a place where I or someone else could help. No, not someone else. Others are not to be trusted, I tell myself. They only bring misery and worry. I follow a trail of dirt and find myself standing a few hundred meters from a village. Houses, or so I learned, were what occupy villiages. Along with betraying people. I walk on into it, as this is a learning opportunity.
A wave of pain flowed from my gut wound and I bend over from the waist. I give a grunt as I try to put myself in an upright position. Suddenly, I hear voices. I freeze where I stand and look around for the source.
"Hey, look! What's wrong with that girl over there?" A voice whispers. I hear footsteps and I sink to my knees. I feel a hand on my shoulder and my gaze jerks upward. I see a person. It wasn't a girl......I didn't know what it was. I suddenly recognize it. A male.
I scramble away as much as a maimed girl can.
"Woah! We're not going to hurt you." One of the five males says.
"Don't touch me." I hiss. I try to stand up, only when halfway up, I fall over again. I grasp for air.
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