Alexis has been cut off from the world until she is 18. Her only wish is to get out in the world and be a part of things. When her birthday request is denied she takes things into her own hands and runs away. Badly wounded by her mother's brutal hand, she runs into One Direction and everything she was ever told about men was quickly discovered to be incorrect. Was her mother not up on male behavior, or was it all a ploy?


2. Beating

We finish dinner in silence. I look down at my plate trying to avoid Mother's gaze. When finished, I take the plates and walk them to the bowl like rock. I pick up a bucket of hot water and start pouring it into the bowl. Some of the water misses and falls to the ground. I wince, as my feet were bear and the water was steaming. Mother sees this, walks past me, and smacks me on the face, really hard. I close my eyes and ram a deep breath. Scurrying to get a dish rag, I start wiping the floor off with it. I start washing the dishes by hand and put them on a towel near our sink-rock. After I finish, I start to walk away when I bump into the towel. All the plates crash to the floor and shower my feet and ankles with shattered ceramic. I close my eyes and refuse to look down at what I'd done. Mother comes tearing in the room.
"Alexis..." She says.
"It was an accident! Truly mother! I'll clean it up!" I say quickly, my eyes flashing open at the tone of her voice. Mother's hand slams into my face and slaps me several times. I feel a bruise forming on my cheek. Suddenly, mother reaches to a knife.
"No....please! It was an accident! Really!" I scream. I feel the blad penetrate my gut, an I fall to the ground.
"Mother!" I whisper. She kicks me and walks away.
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