Alexis has been cut off from the world until she is 18. Her only wish is to get out in the world and be a part of things. When her birthday request is denied she takes things into her own hands and runs away. Badly wounded by her mother's brutal hand, she runs into One Direction and everything she was ever told about men was quickly discovered to be incorrect. Was her mother not up on male behavior, or was it all a ploy?


1. 18th Birthday

"Alexis! I'm here my love!" My mother yells.

"Coming, Mother." I yell back. I walk through my cave, and help open the trap door, for my mother to come in.

"Thank you, Alexis. It was getting cold out there." Mother says.

"Hey mother." I say.

"Take my coat sweetheart."

"Mother.." I repeat.

"Have you done your chores?"

"Yes, but-" I say.

"Did you make dinner?" Mother asks.

"Yes...." I say giving up on what I was trying to tell her. I quietly go and set the table, and serve the two solitary plates.

"Oh, I  am tired today." She says.

"Mother, I was wondering-" I start to say.

"Why do you keep interrupting me?" Mother says. I open my mouth to reply, but quickly shut it and look at the floor. 

"Well, what did you want to say?" She asks.

"Mother, I was wondering, Wednesday is my birthday, and I'm turning eighteen......." I say.

"Your point?" She asks dully.

"I want to go and see a city! A place where lots of people live and the tall buildings are! If not, maybe a beach, I've read about them in books and-" I say speeding up.

"Outside the cave? Don't be silly. You're safe here! You see there are these things called men out there, and you know what I've told you about them." She says. I look back at my feet. 17, nearly 18 years I have lived solitary in a cave, learning all the math and language possible. I've never been allowed out, and has always been told never too, for the danger of men was too great. When I was younger, I always wondered why men were so bad. 'Well, men are dangerous creatures. They disguise themselves to be nice, kind, funny, and witty. But really, on the inside, their monsters, and do whatever they can to hurt you. Whatever it takes, and they will do it...'

"" I ask.

"Yes, the answer is no."

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