Run Away Love

A 19 year old girl (Allissa) was getting abused. One day she had enough of it, so she ran away! Luckly she brought enough money for a rental car and drove to Las Veges. There she thinks she is only going to see a concert but much more happens. More than what she asked for.


7. The Prank

Chapter 7

    Allissa P.O.V

We all stayed up supper late talking. I was the first to sleep but this time Harry didn't carry me upstairs we just fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to see that everyone was in their beds but me and Harry. So I had a plan to prank them all, but I needed my partner in pranks , Louis. I walked to his room and I whispered "Louis wake up!" He fell out of bed and I started to laugh " Don't laugh at me!!" he said "What do you want." he asked me as he got up "Ok so I want to play a prank on the boys and I need your help." Then I looked aroubd the room "So are you in or not?" I asked with a smile " Yeah ok but what are we going to do." then I looked at him "Well I was hoping you would have an idea?" he sighed " Ok how about.... we put some of your makeup on them and take pictures of them and put it on twitter." I nodd my head then went to get some of my makeup. "Ok so I got some of my makeup. You got the phone?" I asked. Louis nodd his head "Lets do this!" he whispered. I did Harry and Liam. Louis did Zayn and Niall. We toke alot of pictures then post them all! We ran to hide then we heard 4 guys screaming. " This has Louis writen all over it!! Where is he!!" Louis looked at me "Ok lits go tell them it was us." so we got up and started to laugh. They all looked so funny. "It wasn't just Louis it was me too." I said "Yeah it was her idea" They looked at each other then at us "You both know this calls for war." They got us back by taking pictures of us when we didn't know and post it on facebook and twitter!! It was the best day ever but it got better at the end of the day. Me and Harry had our 'first' date.

     Harry P.O.V

 I was so scared for the date "Louis I can't do it! Its to much. What is I mess up the whole thing..." Louis slapped me "Owww! What the heck!" I said "Trust me it will be fine!" Then Allissa came downstairs. She looked so cute. "Wow!" I said then we left. When we got to the place we sat far away from every one else. "Harry why me?" Allissa asked me "What do you mean?" she looked at me "Well your so perfect and so cute and im not! So why me ?  I mean girls are all over you and you pick me when every girl out there is so much cuter then me." Allissa said. I had a shock look on my face. "Allissa I picked you because your different! And you are perfect and beautiful!" she blushed. When we were done eating we went home.

    Allissa P.O.V

We got home and I was so tired. I went straight to bed. I woke up by the sound of my door opening. I didn't move and I felt Harry's arms around me. I knew that if Harry had me in his arms every thing was going to be ok.

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