Run Away Love

A 19 year old girl (Allissa) was getting abused. One day she had enough of it, so she ran away! Luckly she brought enough money for a rental car and drove to Las Veges. There she thinks she is only going to see a concert but much more happens. More than what she asked for.


10. The Pool Party

Chapter 10

     Harry P.O.V

I was so happy that every thing was good now, but we had to go to court. It was almost 1 in the morning and me and Allissa were talking downstairs. "Well they said that if we don't go they will have to let him out of jail." I said Allissa really didn't want to go. "Well Allissa we should head up to bed now its getting." I really couldnt sleep but I wanted Allissa to get sleep. I was thinking in my room when Allissa came in "Harry I can't sleep." I smiled "You too." I started to look around the room "Ok Allissa go get you bathin suit on."she knew were this was going "Ok!" I put on my trunks and went downstairs. I was waiting for Allissa and when she came down she put her hair in a bun and rapped her self in a towel. "Ok lets go." I said we went out there "Ok we both jump in on 3." I grabbed her hand "1 . . . 2 . . .3!!!! " and we jumped in. The water was cold but thats what made it so fun!"

     Allissa P.O.V

Me and Harry were having the best time!"Allissa come here I have to show you something." he said I swam over there. "What is it?" I asked. Then he grabbed me and was going to kiss me, but I splashed water in his face "You have to catch me to kiss me!" I yelled as I swam away. i turned around to see were he was but he wasnt behind me so I turned back around. Then he popped out of the water right in front of me. I screamed a little "I got you know!" He was about to kiss me but I pulled him under water and gave him a kiss. We both needed air so we went back up for air. I was so happy to be with Harry. I gave him a hug then we heard the boys "Ooooo Harry!" Louis said "Opps sorry did we mess up your  moment!" Zayn said with a wink. "No." Harry said. He looked at me and gave me a kiss. "Uh gross!" Niall and Liam yelled "Get a room!" Louis said with a wink. I blushed "Do you guys want to come join us in the pool?" I asked. But Harry gave me this look as in he was saying 'NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!' "Sure!" they all yelled and jumped in. We were all having so much fun. "Hey you guys want to do a chicken fight?" I asked "Yeah! Allissa you go on Harry's shoulders, Liam you get on Niall's and Zayn you can get on mine!" Louis said We were having so much fun. I won all of the boys, but I think they were going easy on me.

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