Run Away Love

A 19 year old girl (Allissa) was getting abused. One day she had enough of it, so she ran away! Luckly she brought enough money for a rental car and drove to Las Veges. There she thinks she is only going to see a concert but much more happens. More than what she asked for.


5. The Plane

Chapter 5

   Allissa P.O.V

The boys had forgoten about their plane ride home. "Is it ok if Allissa come with us?" He asked of course they said yes, so we all went to go pack.

When we got there we almost missed it, but we ran and made it. I sat next to Harry form half of the ride then the other half I spent hanging out with the boys.I first sat with Zayn and we talked for a while then he fell a sleep. So I went to sit with Liam and he was saying how happy he is that me and Harry liked each other then he started to talk about how cute we were together. When he was done I went to Niall's set and sat with him he had alot of food with him but then we started talking about how im also irish he was supper funny. Then I went to Louis' set and he told me how Harry told him about my dad. I started to cry and Louis was hugging me.

   Harry P.O.V

Every now and then I would look back to check up on Allissa. But when I saw shewas crying I got really scared. I never wanted to see her cry I really did care about her and I want her to know that. When the plane stopped Allissa camo over to me. "Ok harry as soon as we get to your place I want you to tell the boys." She said then her phone rang and she left to go anwser it. I was grabbing her stuff for her when she came over she had this sad look on her face and was supper quite. "Allissa whats wrong? Who was on the phone?" she looked down and said" It was my aunt. She said that my mom was killed the other yesterday." Even though Allissa's mom didn't want her Allissa still loved her." Harry I think it might be my.... dad." she whispered in my ear. Then she grabbed my arm I could tell she was afraid by the look in her eyes. I held her tight to my chest and she started to cry I was also afraid for her.

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