Run Away Love

A 19 year old girl (Allissa) was getting abused. One day she had enough of it, so she ran away! Luckly she brought enough money for a rental car and drove to Las Veges. There she thinks she is only going to see a concert but much more happens. More than what she asked for.


16. Party Trouble

Chapter 16 Allissa P.O.V Today was the day Kayla, Autumn, and damon move in to there new home. They were almost done unpacking when i got there. "Hey is it ok if I through a party here tonight?" Damon asked Kayla and Autumn "Sure." Autumn said "But you have to buy all the stuff for it and invite everyone." Kayla said "I will just tweet it and so its an open invite and dont worry about any creeps come my twitter is private so only people i know can see it." Damon said "I'll help too." I said. Then me and Damon left to buy the stuff. "Hey why do you need all this beer at the party?" "Well its going to have to be a wild party its fine i will only allow people one drink."Damon said "Ok." I said I still wasnt sure that beer was a good idea, but its not my party its his.When we got home I told the lads about the party and it would mean alot to him if they came. "Im only going if you go babe." Harry told me "I told you I cant make it i have to do my homework and I havent done any of my online classes in a while. But I will show up later please go." I told Harry with my puppy dog face "Fine but you have to dance with me when you get there." Harry said with his cheeky smile that I loved so much "Ok sounds like a deal." The lads left and i went upstairs to do my homework. Harry P.O.V The party was cool and it didnt have to many people there that screamed in our faces. The lads had there two drinks and they were kinda drunk.I didnt drink anything just some soda.I had fun dancing with kayla and autumn on the dance floor. I also dance with some other fans that were their.I talked to some people that knew Allissa and they said that she always said that one day she will be witha member of one direction. It was funny to thing that she would dream about going out with one of use. But then I ran into this guy who said he was Allissa'a ex so it was weird. I can tell that he had way more than two drinks. I walked away from him beacause it was akward and I really didnt want to get in a fight.I was waiting for Allissa to come she just texted me that she will be there at ten and it was nine-fivety. I saw Allissa come in and i gave her a hug and then we danced.Then she went to talk with some old friends. Allissa P.O.V I was having so much fun at the party.I talked to some old friends.Then I went to get a drink when I ran into my ex who was so drunk."Hey babe I missed you." He told me "Well I dont miss you." I said "Look I have to go." I said as I was walking away then he grabbed my arm. "Whats the rush?" He said pushing up against me. I was so close I can smell all the beer in his breath."Look I dont like you and I will never like you!" i yelled and left."Harry im heading back home stay here with the lads and make sure they dont get in to trouble." I told Harry "Ok babe." he said and gave me a kiss.I left and when I pulled up in the drive way and I noticed a strange car parked in front of our house. I walked up to the front door and then someone came out of the car and it was my ex. i freaked out and ran inside and looked the door.I heard him laughing outside then his arm came through the window breaking it and he came in through the window.
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