Run Away Love

A 19 year old girl (Allissa) was getting abused. One day she had enough of it, so she ran away! Luckly she brought enough money for a rental car and drove to Las Veges. There she thinks she is only going to see a concert but much more happens. More than what she asked for.


14. Our Fun Day

  Chapter 14

  Allissa P.O.V

 We all had the best day Damon got to know the lads better, I got to spent time with the girls, I also got to spend time with the lads, and I also got to spend time with all of them. At the end Kayla and Autumn had a plan and it was for me and Harry to have some alone time. What they did was tell all the lads ,but Harry, and told Damon and their plan. The plan was like any other ditching plan Kayla always haves. They all ran away from me and Harry then they got a cab and left Harry and I the car keys. We both sat down "I can't believe they all left us." I said. I looked over at Harry and he was smiling "Well now we can have our own time. Just you and me." I felt my face turning red. He got up and grabbed my hand. We went to tons of stores Then we left. When we got Home me and Harry hanged outside for a little bit. "Hey Allissa have we ever had our perfect kiss?" Harry asked. "Well kinda when we were on the couch on our date night." I answered "Why?" I was scared that I might of been the only one with sparks that night on the couch "Because I think I can make it better." He said then pressed his lips against mine softly, then firmly. He had his hands spread out on my back, he was right this was way better than the pool. "Awwwwwww." We both tiurned around and saw that Kayla and Autumn were video taping us "The perfect kiss!" Kayla said "Wait till Damon and the lads see this!" Autumn said "NO!!!!" I yelled and got up and chased after both of them. The were throwing the camera to each other over and over again while i was yelling. Then Damon came running downstairs and the lads followed shortly after "What trhe heck is going on" The all asked. "See for your self!" Kayla said then passed the camera to Damon and the lads. They pressed played and i ran to Harry. I was so scared and embaresed. I could hear them all going 'awwwww' then the lads going 'ooooooo'.

  Harry P.O.V

 Allissa'a face turned so red as she hide her head in my arm's. I was rubbing her back and I whispered how cute she looked into her ear. She laughted and she finally was ready to go inside. When we walked in she was grabbing my arm. It was getting late and Allissa headed to her bedroom. I stayed downstairs with everyone else "Wow Harry I never knew you could be so romantic." Zayn said "Yeah that had to be the most romantic kiss ever!" Niall said. I smiled and looked at the ground as my face turned red. "Ok, ok can we stop talking about the kiss." I said with a smile. It was hard not to smile when I was thinking about the kiss it really was the best kiss ever. "Ok gosh dodn't need to get mad." Louis said with a wink. Then Kayla went to bed. She was acting really quite, but Allissa said that she might acted this way because she gets really shy. I was wondering why Autumn and Niall were so quite, but then I found out they were really hitting it off together. Then Liam and Zayn went to bed. I started talking to Damon and he was saying how happy he was to get to hang out with allissa and the the other girls again. Then he started talking about how he never seen Allissa so happy before. It was cool talking to Damon and he helped me out with some stuff about Allissa then I went to bed. I forgot about Niall and Autumn. I walked out there and Niall was kissing Autumn. He heard me and his face turned red "Umm I was taking Autumn to her room." He said then Autumn turned red "Ok. Well just keep it quite what ever you guy are doing and see you guys in the morning." I said then went to Allissa's room and cuddled up with her and went to sleep.


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