Run Away Love

A 19 year old girl (Allissa) was getting abused. One day she had enough of it, so she ran away! Luckly she brought enough money for a rental car and drove to Las Veges. There she thinks she is only going to see a concert but much more happens. More than what she asked for.


2. Las Vegas

 Chapter 2

     Allissa P.O.V

 I was so tired and I knew I need to go farther because he could still catch me. So I saw a car rental place and I went there. My dad does'nt know this, but one time I snuck out to get my license. I walked in and I asked the lady what was the lowest rental price. "Well the lowest price is about $150." That was so perfect, so I got a rental car. It was alright of a car I mean ir looked fine and didn't need so muck gas and it drove nicely. I was wondering were to go then I remebered that my favorite band was having a concert in Las Vegas so i went there. I got there and and had only enough money for one night. So I went to my room and fell asleep for a whlie. Then I got up to go get some food. I really wonted pizza so I went to get some. I remeber some one telling me that some place had the best pizza in this hotel. I found the place and ordered my food I sat down to wait. Then I saw some guy looking at me. Well I think he is. I looked at him and he look so familiar. Like... but it could'nt be.... was it. Oh my gosh!! It was, it was Harry Styles! He had on these weird stuff ( Im guessing becauase he didn't want to be seen). I wanted to talk to him but I could'nt just go up to him. So then I remeber from a book that this girl started to write him a note in calss because she could'nt go up to him and talk, so I wrote him a note. It said ' Hi I know who you are, your Harry Styles. But don't worry I wont give you away.' I walked pass him and set down the note then I went to my sit I saw him write something then he did the same. He wroye ' Thanks. Hey are you coming to our concert, because I would like to give you back stage passes for not giving me away.' Sadly I wasn't I didn't have any money left. but he still gave me the passes. Then my pizza was done and I got it and left.

     Harry P.O.V

  "Hey guys im back!" i yelled as I came inside our room. "Thank god I was about to eat one of the lads!" Niall said. "Yeah Harry what toke you so long I mean as soon as you got down there the food was ready you were to pick it up and leave! Whay happened?" Liam asked. I wanted to tell them about the girl I met. "I tell you after im done eating im starving!"  So we all ate then they all sat on the couch as if I was a teacher and it was story time. "So I was down there about to leave when this really cute girl walks up. I sat down to... um well check her out." The lads all went 'ohhh' and I felt my face turn red. "Then what did you do?" Zayn asked. "Well she came over to me and gave me this note." I handed it to the lads and they all read it "Then I gave her a back stage pass asa thank you." Louis looked at me like if he was saying ' you should of asked her out or asked her if she wanted to come to your place and meet the other lads' but I was to busy thinking about her.

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