Truly Madly Deeply

Zyla doesn't remember a thing. She wakes up with no memory of anything. After being told she had been dating Harry Styles previously. Zyla starts hanging out with the boys and unknowingly charms two other boys into love. Find out who wins it all


12. Past Relationship

What do you do if you've had relationships with two boys, you still love both of them, and they both want you? You probably do what I do. Sit on the couch, cry and try not to think about the world. Liam left quickly, wanting to tell Harry, while I walk home sobbing, and arriving home sobbing, walking to my room, sobbing, laying on bed, sobbing, and then I start bawling. I lay there a long time. It's about an hour of off and on crying when I feel a gentle rub on my back. I turn around to see Harry.
"Oh, Harry!" I say. I hug him. He pecks me on the cheek when we finally pull away. Harry pushes me gently onto the bed, and kisses me. I look up to see Liam standing in the doorway. I look at him, sending messages saying, 'you think I had any part of accepting this?' I was still dating Liam, of course. And one thing I recently remembered was that I'm loyal. Loyaler than a old hunting dog. Only, prettier. I hope.
Liam puts a hand on Harry's shoulder and pulls him off me.
"Look, pal. If you hadn't been to quick to leave and see, Zyla, you would know that we're going steady." Liam says.
"Well, bud. If you haven't realized by now, Zyla and I have been dating for a year." Harry says, accepting the open ended challenge.
"Boys! Quit arguing!" I say.
Both boys look at me. Liam had a look of shock and remorse. Harry had a fire in his eyes, and I knew he was out for blood. He grabs my arm and pushes me out the door.
"Wait there, love." He says. I'll never know how he conjured the word love with that much hate bubbling on his inside. He closes the door and I hear fist on skin, grunts, and cries of pain. All the while I am beating on the door, and crying, yet again.
"Stop! No!" I scream. The door finally opens and Harry sprints out of the room, and out of the house. I pass him and run into the bed room. Liam was lying there on the floor, blood running out of the corners of his mouth. I didn't know what it meant was happening on the insides, I just knew from all the horror movies, people that ended up dead had blood running off the corner of their mouths.
"Liam, Liam, Liam....." I say stroking his semi-conscious face. I take a survey on his condition, to find several bruises. I start freaking out and call Niall.
"Niall! Harry just beat up Liam!" I say.
"Really? I figured Liam could put a whoopin' on him any day of the week.
"It's not a joke! Get over here, NOW!" I scream at him.
I hang up, and start combing my fingers through Liam's brown hair.
"Sweetheart, I'm so sorry..." I say.
"No....need to worry.....Zyla.....I'll.....get him...tomorrow." He mumbles. A happy tear leaked from my eye. Ah, Liam's humor was unscathed.
The other boys come over and help Liam onto a bed and tend to his more urgent cuts. Niall turns away, after finishing their job and I hug him.
"Niall, you're probably my best friend out of all the boys, tell me, is it often that Harry beats up the boyfriends of an ex- girlfriend?" I say, through heaving breaths.
"Not really, but Zyla, friend to friend, I think Harry believes you to be the best girl he's ever met. I agree with him, but because you're so kind and gentle, not your figure, or hair, or anything. You see the mind is the most important thing, and that's why I love you as a friend, and you love Liam, as more than a friend." I hug him closer feeling his warmth.
"Thanks for understanding." I say softly.

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