Truly Madly Deeply

Zyla doesn't remember a thing. She wakes up with no memory of anything. After being told she had been dating Harry Styles previously. Zyla starts hanging out with the boys and unknowingly charms two other boys into love. Find out who wins it all


5. A Song

(Niall's POV)

I have to stick to Zayn close. Seriously, I was getting more creeped out that Zyla by Louis and Harry. I know Liam was falling for her too, but at least he had the decency of hiding it. Zayn and I were the only survivors. Zyla was nice, pretty, and I know she wasn't captivating the boys on purpose, but Harry was right, she was more beautiful now that ever.
"C'mon, boys! We need to get to the studio. We have our next album to work on!" I yell.
"What?" Zyla asks. "Next album? Studio?"
"Oh.... Right. Well, the boys and I made. Band that's currently #1 in the world." I reply.
"Oh." She says. Zayn and I pull Louis and Harry out and Liam walks behind us and smiles at Zyla.

(Liam's POV)

I couldn't stop thinking about her. Just being close to her made me love her more. We get there and start talking about our next album.
"We should write some for ourselves." I say.
"Yeah......" Harry says. I give him a dull look.
"I said we should write our song, not Zyla is beautiful." I say. Zayn laughs at Harry.
"Hey, we could make a song about Zyla. Or two or three!" Louis exclaims. I wanted to agree, but sensible Liam has to have common sense.
"Uh, maybe." I say.
"Yeah! It could be called nobody compares, an could be all about her." Harry says.
"Whatever." I say.
Louis and Harry start talking and arguing over things they could put in it. I look at Niall and Zayn and we all walk out simultaneously.

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