Truly Madly Deeply

Zyla doesn't remember a thing. She wakes up with no memory of anything. After being told she had been dating Harry Styles previously. Zyla starts hanging out with the boys and unknowingly charms two other boys into love. Find out who wins it all


1. Hospital

My eyes fluttered open. All my eyes saw was white.
"Doctor!" A voice yells. "She's waking up." I search for the one talking and my eyes focus on a boy next to me holding my hand. He had mess of dark hair that looked huge.
A man in a lab coat walks in and looks at me.
"Hello, Zyla." He says. I look around to try and figure out who he was talking to. The boy next to me was still staring intently at myself. Must not be him.
"Who?" I ask. The doctor suddenly had a worried face.
"You're Zyla." He says.
"Oh." I say.
"Who am I, Zyla?" The boy next to me asks in a deep voice.
"I don't know." I say. The boy was cute, but I didn't know who he was.
"I am Harry, Harry Styles." He says.
"Nice to meet you Harry." I say pleasantly. He gets up and leaves. I suddenly felt really bad. What had I done to make him leave? Did I say something?
The doctor starts taking my blood pressure and pulse.
"Why did he leave?" I wonder aloud.
A woman came running in the door in high heels looking like she was going to miss an opportunity to win a million dollars.
"Zyla, dear! It's been an entire week!" She says. She comes over and starts stroking my hair and holding my hand.
" baby girl...." She says. The doctor whispers in her ear and she sits back in perfect posture.
"Zyla, I'm your mother." She says on the verge of tears.
"Hi mother." I say.
"Please, call me mama." She says smiling, tears running down her cheeks.
"Okay." I smile too. Mama turns to the doctor.
"When can she leave?" She asks.
"As soon as we have a little talk outside...." He says. Mama pats my hand and leaves along with the doctor. I sit there a while, trying to gain my bearings.
The doctor and Mama come in.
"Time to go, Zyla." Mama says. "We got to get you home." She helps me up and I seem to walk easily, but my arm hurt. Really bad. I walk outside to hear that boy's deep voice.
"She doesn't remember a thing! What am I going to do?" His voice says.
"Well, start from the top, I guess, mate." A voice says. I suddenly see a group of four standing in front of Harry, and Harry sitting on the wall, fingers in his hair. He's crying. They stop talking when I come over.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"Nothing. I just lost the most beautiful girl in the world." He says.
"That's hardly nothing." I say sliding down to sit with him.
"Yeah." Harry says. I ybrush a year off his cheek.
"Smile. You still have life ahead. You can't live it pouting." I say giving him a cheesy pouty face. He smiled amid the years and grabs my hand. Harry's hand was soft. Very soft.
"We still need to go....." Mama says.
"Can I come?" He asks.
"Sure, Harry."

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