Sonnet: For Vesp - A Movellas Memory

When Vesp first got cast out of Movellas


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Sonnet: For Vesp


The knot is split, the torch blown out;

The rain refuses to nourish the land demanding drought.

Blind eye’s cry and dumb mouths shout –

And all I have to say is: I want out.


Success is made through sacrifice; the lamb was brought;

And the lamb died where the lamb fought.

Sacrifice made; the mourners distraught –

Success withheld because blackguards were not caught.


And now, by default, I am to take its place?

Put my head on the block to be further disgrace?

I am no lamb, and I will not take its space –

They will not slay me, I am not game to chase.


I’ll lay down my arms, hands raised in surrender;

I will be patient, for Time is the greatest mender.

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