Be My Valentine? ( 1SHOT41D )

This is my entry for the One Direction one shot Valentine's Day competition. I hope you like it :)

Seeing young lady at the age of eighteen, sitting alone, on a dusty park bench, at seven o'clock in the morning, reading a romance novel is quite a strange sight. What's even stranger is that it's Valentine's Day, the day where girls go to fancy restaurants and go on dates. But what's even more peculiar is that a beautiful girl such as Victoria, is dateless on such a day. Or is she?


1. Will you be my Valentine?


   I held the book between my cold hands. The feeling of the new pages foreign to my skin. My eyes swiftly moved from one word to another as I inhaled deeply, breathing in the fresh air. 


   The sound of laughter filled the silence, and I tore my gaze away from the book and stared at a young couple walking along the path. Their fingers were in twined, and they were laughing about a silly joke the boy had told. I stared at their happy faces, longing for a relationship like theirs. If only someone even looked at me that way, or even pretended to for just a day. That way I would know that my love life wasn't completely worthless, and that it was still existent. 


   I continued to stare, unable to look away. They walked past me, unaware of my gaze. Thank God I chose to wear sunglasses today.


   I sighed as I pulled out my phone from my coat pocket and stared at it intently, counting the amount of cracks on the screen. I had dropped it thousands of times, I was a very clumsy person after all. My best friend, Harry, had always called me butter fingers when we were younger, but doesn't do it as often now that I find it annoying and I get frustrated very easily.


   " Victoria! Hey, what are you doing here?", someone said as they ungracefully plopped down on the old bench beside me, causing it to squeak.


   I tore my gaze away from my broken phone and stared at the person beside me, " Oh hey, Harry. Nothing Much. Just reading. What are you doing here so early? And why are you sweaty?"


   He smiled, exposing his dimples. I poked the left one, which was always more prominent than the other. His green eyes shone with joy, and a slight wind blew causing his curls to go everywhere crazily. I laughed. 


   " I just thought I'd go out for a jog, is all," he smiled as he pulled out a bottle of water and drank it greedily.


   " Ah, it's a wonderful day after all. No wonder why you'd come out so early," I said, sadness in my voice, but I did try to hide it.


   He stared at me intently, " What's wrong?"


   " Nothing."


   " Victoria, cheer up! It's Valentine's Day! It's the most magical day of the year! Your supposed to spread joy to the world and be good to others. Wait- that's Christmas. But, you are supposed to go out to dinner with an amazing guy!"


   I shrugged my shoulders grumpily. He was right, It was a special day, but I had nobody to share it with, " I don't have a date. I just feel unloved," I explained sadly. I stared out as I watched the young couple I saw earlier sitting down underneath a tree, having a picnic.


   " Victoria," Harry said sternly. I continued to stare. He put his index finger under my chin, and turned my head so that I'd have to face him, "  Victoria, Don't you ever feel unloved. Lot's of people love you," He said, looking me in the eyes.  " Me, for example."


   I saw as his eyes flickered down to my lips, and back to my eyes and back to my lips again, and before I could even process what was happening, his lips were pressed against mine. Our lips were perfectly entwined, and the kiss seemed to be never ending- not that I didn't mind.


   " Victoria, will you be my Valentine?"


   Those were words I never imagined that would come from his mouth, but they did. A bright grin spread itself across my face as I happily said, " Yes, Harry. I would love to be your Valentine this year!"


   A relieved smile came across his face, " You know, I wonder if we'll ever be more that friends, Victoria," He chuckled as we both stared at the dim sun light.


   And that left me wondering, if we had been more than friends our whole lives, and we were just to blind to see it.





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