Harry Potter - Dramione (Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger)

This is the story about Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.
Two students at Hogwarts, Hermione in Gryffindor and Draco in Slytherin. They are madly in love with each other.


4. The bad influence.

So.. New chapter :3 I know it's been a really, REALLY long time, I just had so much to do and sorta forgot all about it. But new chapter at last :D

Chapter 4:

Hermione's perspective:

I couldn't break up with Draco. I know that Harry and Ron hates him, but if they're true friends they must accept Draco.

"Hermione, he's bad influence! And how could you even forgive him for everything he's done to you?" Harry tried to talk me out of my relationship with Draco, but I didn't care. I knew he would react like this, and I'm not giving up on Draco that easy, he of all people should know, that I don't just give up, no matter how much people are against it. I love Draco more than Harry and Ron could ever know. And Draco for that matter.

"You were the last person I had even thought about giving me this "this relationship you're getting into is wrong don't do it"-thing. I love him, okay? And he loves me! I just want your support, that all. I know it's hard to forgive him after all you guys have been through, but he's changing for the better. He really cares about me. Jut promise me one thing. You'll try. For me, please?" Harry sighed and nodded. "I'll try. I promise"

I'm gonna end the chapter here, I'm sorry it's so short!! 3:

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