Harry Potter - Dramione (Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger)

This is the story about Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.
Two students at Hogwarts, Hermione in Gryffindor and Draco in Slytherin. They are madly in love with each other.


5. 2 big surprises.

Disclaimer: still doesn't own HP or anything in it, all credit to J.K Rowling.

I've made a few minor changes, and I've finally changed the picture to Dramione! And I'm still so sorry that it took me so long to make new chapters!! I've missed it so much :3 Well!! New chapter, yay!!

Chapter 5:

"Draco!" Hermione said, her voice soft. A smile swayed across her face and she ran towards him. They had now graduated at Hogwarts a long time ago, though it hadn't been more than a few weeks since they saw each other, they had both been so busy, figuring out what they should do, now when not at Hogwarts anymore. She threw her arms around his neck as she giggled slightly, kissing him on the nose. "Oh I've missed you so much!" She exclaimed. "It was so lonely at home without you!" She smiled, kissing his nose again. He laughed softly, catching her lips in a loving kiss. "I've missed you too, 'Mione" he whispered, hugging her tight, then pulling away slightly, reaching one hand in his pocket. "I almost forgot.. I have something for you!" He smiled that big beautiful smile Hermione couldn't stand for. "You didn't have to give me anything, you know that!" She giggled again, blushing. He nodded, pulling out a little box, wrapped in green and silver, no big surprise. Hermione took it, looking up at Draco with big bright eyes, her smile reaching to them. She then took her eyes on the little box, opening it to a ring with a little diamond in it. When she looked at Draco again, he was on one knee. Hermione couldn't believe it. "I know our relationship is still new.. Well, it's almost been a year and half, but.. I couldn't imagine where I would have been without you. You're the most lovely person I have ever met. Except your mother, but she's not here to hear it, so it's to no avail, and I don't want to marry her.. Okay, back on track, this sounds weird, and not in a good way. Well, I really like where this relationship is going and my love for you just grows for every day. Hermione Jean Granger. Will you marry me?" He said, blushing slightly as his eyes grew big with excitement. She almost couldn't breath, her smile now growing bigger. She nodded and Draco stood up. She threw her arms around his neck with tears in her eyes as she kissed him passionately, mumbling in between kisses "I will!". After a few minutes, she finally relaxed a bit, now looking up at him with big eyes. She fumbled getting on the ring, still smiling like an idiot. "I can't believe this! Oh my god! I love you so, so much!" She kissed his cheek repeatedly. He grinned, taking her up in his arms, just as a bride. "I have one more surprise. Please don't have a heart attack. And don't worry, I've talked with your parents before doing any of this. They know how much I've changed for you and they know that I love you more than anything. Now please, close your eyes, and no cheating" he laughed softly, making sure her eyes were closed before apparating to a small house just outside London centrum. He walked inside, still making sure her eyes were closed before speaking again. "Okay, open your eyes." She opened her eyes, as she gasped. "Where are we?" She said in utter disbelief. "Our new home. And don't worry, we're not far away from anything. A walk on 5 minutes from here to centrum of London." He smiled and again, she threw her arms around him, crying from happiness. "I love you so much, Dragon!! How..-? Why..-?" She couldn't wrap her mind around all this. "It was about time. Our relationship is getting more and more serious. I just wanted for us to have a place where we can be ourself. And I thought it a bit weird to live 2 different places if you said yes to the proposal. If you said no I would proberbly keep the house anyway." He smiled, looking at Hermione with bright eyes. She nodded , understanding well. "Is there a bed?" She smiled seductively and Draco nodded. "There is, I'll take you to the bedroom."

A longer chapter, yay!! Still hope you like it :3

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