Prove Myself

Hi i'm Sasha Coltiner i'm always moving schools and well at all the schools that i've been to i've definitely been number one detention getter really i get it like daily. So i'm in my seignior year and i'm going to a new high school and i meet a bunch of five rather fit bullies that i must get to stop hating on me but how? When she finally proves herself she shares some deep loss with the boys and goes through really tough times but she always has the boys by her side and maybe she falls for one or two of them.


1. Tweeting Thrills

An Eminem song plays on my i phone dock signalling for me to get up i rise get dressed i pick out a pair of high waisted shorts and a mid drift i added a pair of vans to my outfit making the perfect trio. I drive to school after eating breakfast as i pull up i see high school kids all around the front of a mildly depressing building i make my way in and head for the office i find a lady on a computer and she looks up at me and i say "umm hello my name's Sasha Coltiner and i need to find my first class, i'm new" "ok heres your timetable love" she says handing me a piece of paper with a map of the seignior building with all my classes labelled on it i make my way to my first class. English i suck at english! I walk into the class room i'm a little late but i have a reason. "Your late, take a seat" says a bald man well an almost bald man i take a seat at the front since it's the only seat there "you now have detention" he says some boys at the back laugh at me i just ignore them "but-" i say "no but's go now room 12" he says. I sigh and get up it wasn't fair i had to find the office and then find the room of my first lesson only to get kicked out the second i walk in well at least i get to miss english. I walk up to a room labelled 'DETENTION' it also has the number 12 above the door i enter the room theres no teacher in there so i sit at a desk in the back of the classroom i get my phone out and go on twitter and see a tweet that makes me feel wired i read: lol hot new girl got detention in first class! It was posted by one of the boys that was laughing at me his name was Harry Styles he posted it on his page wich was connected to the schools twitter page i posted back: detention sucks! on his page and wait he thought i was hot well he wasn't that bad either kinda hot. OK well not kinda but obviously! He was a total hottie!

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