Prove Myself

Hi i'm Sasha Coltiner i'm always moving schools and well at all the schools that i've been to i've definitely been number one detention getter really i get it like daily. So i'm in my seignior year and i'm going to a new high school and i meet a bunch of five rather fit bullies that i must get to stop hating on me but how? When she finally proves herself she shares some deep loss with the boys and goes through really tough times but she always has the boys by her side and maybe she falls for one or two of them.


4. The Public One

Harry's POV

I pull up at the high school I had been going to for ever! And I was really looking forward to seeing Sasha. Now I know this is bad but it's in my reputation to hit on this girl then break her heart or just a one night stand and then never talk to her again, but I think i feel that Sasha's is different well she's definitely hotter but I think she's friend zoning me. We were on Skype at like ten and we talked all night well practically all night. As I get out of the car still reminiscing about last night when I hear a loud "BOO!" and Sasha jumps on my back and laughs at me jump. "Hey" I say pulling her off my back. Her breath is war against my cold morning skin i'm so glad to see her cheery face. "So what are you doing today, uh after school" I say "nothing" "wanna i don't come to my house and hang out with me and the boy's" "oh um but they kinda don't like me they think it's so bad that your my friend and they just put me down, mentally" "how?" "twitter and Facebook they post things like 'omg harry and the new girl wtf!' and they say your just friends with me because i'm pretty which it totally disagree with i'm like the opposite of pretty that's probably why they hate me" this makes me feel bad "well i'm so sorry to hear that i'll talk to them and i'm sure if you actually hung out with them then you'll warm up i swear do it just for me" i answer meaning fully "uh... Sure whatever" she says. All day hanging out together now we were walking to our lockers. "Your really pretty you know" I say "well your not bad yourself" she says with a cheeky smile "so do you wanna come in my car or just follow me?" I ask "i'll follow wait were do you even live?" "Oh so your a stalker now" she punches me playfully on the arm as we close our lockers. "Well I live at 213 Tanther street if you must know" I say "no fu-" she says before I cut her of "-ing way!!!!!!! I'm next door!" She yells "really" I ask wide eyed "yeah!" "so i'll meet you there" i say as we go to find our cars.

Zayn's POV

Ok so Harry told me that his new girls friend was coming over and I know so far i've sounded kinda disgusted but it's because i like her. As soon as I laid eyes on her I knew that she was just perfect like a little angel but according to Harry she's a little devil. Even better right? Harry comes around to us all waiting at his car "were's your little friend to scared" I ask "no it turns out she lives next door" Harry says. As we get in the car Harry says something that makes my heart skip a beat "I think I like her, I mean she's so nice and comforting when I see her she's always happy" "look's like someone's got a crush!" Louis yells but is then shooshed bu Harry looking at her car at the house next door. "Why don't we get her" Niall says and walks up to the door and rings the bell in a couple steps she comes to the door with a bottle of whisky in her hand "oh come in well if you want I mean we can always go to your house. Or not?" we say nothing but just stare at what's in her hand "i'm guessing that's not apple juice?" Niall says "oh this she says it's whisky want some?" "um isn't that illegal?" Liam says "um well i'm eighteen aren't I?" We shrug and enter she has a really cool home she has a huge TV and a big pool in the back yard she has a big old fashioned boom box and a couch that goes in a circle with furry pillows on it. "WOW" Niall gasped "what do you wanna do?" Sasha asked "why not a movie?" Liam says "uh sure what one?" Sasha says picking up the remote and pressing a button and two doors below the telly open reviling a million movies and video games and consoles "which one?" she says bending down and picking a couple "chose out of these then" she had put down about five movies she had The Hunger Games, Men In Black 3, eight mile, James Bond Skyfall and paranormal activity 3 "THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!" yells Louis like a baby "sure" Sasha say's putting the disk in. Once we had watched the hunger games and men in black 3 Louis suggested truth or dare, oh no. "Ok Harry truth or dare" "truth" he replies "ok how many girls have you slept with?" "um this is a hard one about 8 or 9" "oh unimpressive!" Sasha hoots "ok then how many boys have you slept with?" "15" she says proudly "and they were all one night stands and then I say i'll call but i never do" Sasha says biting her lip "well looks like Harry got owned by the girl version of him seriously you guys are like the exact same" "uh no" "ok Sasha truth or dare?" Harry asks "dare" "ok i dare you to... Jump in the pool fully clothed!" "sure- wait in my outfit i'm not getting this wet" she says and walks outside and takes of all her clothes except for her bra "hey nice tattoo!" Harry yells "yeah I know hey you guys have to jump in too i'm not doing this alone. Please!" "ok" they all say stripping down into there boxers "WAIT! We need music she gets the old boom box and blasts it in the backyard she then turns on these rainbow lights on in the pool and cannon bombs in. 

the boom box is playing locked out of heaven by Bruno Mars.


The rest of us just dive in hesitantly "so lets continue truth or dare" She says pushing her long hair back "sure" "ok my turn Louis truth or dare?" "truth" "have you ever kissed a boy?" "no, wait actually yes i think it was like a dare to kiss Harry" Sasha just bursts out laughing "ok Sasha truth or dare?" "dare!" "oh no when Louis wants revenge he makes the other person do some pretty wrong thinks" I say warningly "oh shit!" "ok I dare you to..." "hmmmmmm. AHAH I DARE YOU TO KISS HARRY!" "OH hell no i'm not kissing him not ever" "and i'm not kissing her either!" "sorry it was a dare" Liam says "fate brought you together" Niall says laughing "if by fate you mean Louis then sure!" "you have to!" Louis says "ok what could go wrong? right"

Sasha's POV

I lean in and as we get closer and closer I feel heat of Harry's skin glow onto mine the our lips touch and at that very moment I pushed Harry out of the friend zone and into the crush zone for sure! I quickly pull away "there!" I say "awww it was just getting good" Harry says mesmerised "uh no Harry" "and has anyone seen my whisky I need a big dose of that stuff now!" I say the boys laugh maybe it was just them at school that was mean maybe they were alright but I think iv'e finally proved myself.  

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