Prove Myself

Hi i'm Sasha Coltiner i'm always moving schools and well at all the schools that i've been to i've definitely been number one detention getter really i get it like daily. So i'm in my seignior year and i'm going to a new high school and i meet a bunch of five rather fit bullies that i must get to stop hating on me but how? When she finally proves herself she shares some deep loss with the boys and goes through really tough times but she always has the boys by her side and maybe she falls for one or two of them.


11. The Hospital

I wake up in a bright room, an overhead light shining into my eyes. I think it's a hospital but I can't remember coming in and I can't see much because of the light. I finally get used to the bright light and see Harry and Louis at my side holding my hands both asleep I look down at my arm an array of cuts down my arm but there on my wrist that is turned down and is held by Louis he probably took it so Harry didn't see. I realise that Harry is not asleep he's looking down muttering "please wake up, please wake up" so he does still care, but he was making out with Jessica after he cheated on me I still don't trust him. "Harry" I say he instantly looks up with the happiest look on his face "Sasha! Are you ok? You were in a car crash and then you went to hospital and then-" Harry says but I interrupt "I know, Harry" I say putting my hand on his shoulder "look Sasha hear me out" Harry says, I nod "Sasha i'm really sorry I didn't know what was going on in my head I really hate that I did what I did so will you forgive me?" "Harry, I forgive you but i'll never love you the way I used too it will never work out if we get back together and yesterday when I was with Louis I saw you and- Jessica kissing" "it was only because i was really upset and she tempted me too" "well Harry I will never love you" I say taking his hand with both mine, he smiles faintly. "I'm gonna wake Louis up so we can go I presume" I say leaning over to Louis to wake him up I shake him gently "Louis!" I yell he wakes up nearly falling out of his chair "Sasha!" He yells "hey, so can we go now?" I ask "probably" Harry says weirdly. "I'll go get the nurse" Louis says flashing Harry a dirty look as he gets out. 


"Goodbye" I say as I get home. I closed the door and slid down it thinking. My life is in ruins and I'm still in school! Maybe I don't have to be. 

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