Prove Myself

Hi i'm Sasha Coltiner i'm always moving schools and well at all the schools that i've been to i've definitely been number one detention getter really i get it like daily. So i'm in my seignior year and i'm going to a new high school and i meet a bunch of five rather fit bullies that i must get to stop hating on me but how? When she finally proves herself she shares some deep loss with the boys and goes through really tough times but she always has the boys by her side and maybe she falls for one or two of them.


3. So can I get your number?

Sasha's POV "Now students today I'm sorry we only have half an hour so hopefully we will be finished by then and also have you picked a song and a partner if so can you sit with them" the teacher says once we've sat down and he's gotten our attention then he directs us to different places and to come back when the bell goes me and Harry were directed to the auditorium me and Harry walk there hand in hand we hear some people in the back if the corridor I just see some kids with cameras, weird well me and Harry discused who was doing what part and other stuff then we started practicing."Your such a good singer" Harry complimented "Harry that won't work on me I know what your doing" I say looking at Harry smiling "but why!?" He moaned "because I'm different" I say rolling my eyes while Harry looked confused "I like it" he says I just laugh "and besides... I'm way out of your league" I joke Harry just rolls his eyes. "So it looks like where finished why don't we get a drink outside" Harry says "yeah sure" I say following him outside. We get outside and go over to the drink taps "so we have like five minutes to kill what do ya wanna do" I ask "what is there to do" "well we might as well go back to teach and get out early" I say suggestively. We both go back to class and get out early and I hang out with Harry while his friends are making out with their partners ugh eww! At the end of the day me and Harry are talking about our cars he walks me to mine and asks me " so Sasha can I get your number?" "Sure 046451039" I say "047353103" Harry says I get in my car and yell to Harry "call me!"

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