Prove Myself

Hi i'm Sasha Coltiner i'm always moving schools and well at all the schools that i've been to i've definitely been number one detention getter really i get it like daily. So i'm in my seignior year and i'm going to a new high school and i meet a bunch of five rather fit bullies that i must get to stop hating on me but how? When she finally proves herself she shares some deep loss with the boys and goes through really tough times but she always has the boys by her side and maybe she falls for one or two of them.


5. Party Time

Sasha's POV

I wake up on the floor still in my bra I quickly sit up and see the boys Zayn and Louis sitting on the couch Niall at the table with Liam and Harry was still asleep I cover myself and jump up "i'm gonna get dressed" I run up the stairs and change into a shiny turquoise leather crop top and a pair of high waisted jeans and my black converse. When I get down I gently kick Harry he wakes up then I walk over him. I lean over him and put my hand out "WOW! Your rockin' those jeans!" Harry yells and Harry leans up to get my hand but i take it away and laugh he just frowns and gets up. "You realise your still in your boxers?" I say "uh yeah" Harry says obviously lying. We all sit at the table "wait where are your parents?"Zayn asks "in new york I live alone" "oh us too" "you live together?" i ask "yeah the more the merrier!" Niall yells "sure" I laugh.

We all get out of our classes well my class is detention I got in trouble for talking and not doing my homework and plus i'm always late to my morning class. We all head to our lockers I see Harry "hey" I say "hey" he answers "hey tell me this, am i still in the friend zone you know after last night?" "do you have a girlfriend?" "No" "good" I say then kiss him in the middle of the hallway all eyes on us at first Harry was surprised but then kissed back passionately. And it was amazing he was the best kisser I had ever kissed. When the kiss finished I just hug him and say "does that answer your question?" he just nods and puts his arm around me and he asks me out on a date! After school we get home and meet the boys outside my house "sorry we were late" i say "oh was it because of your little make out sesh after school?" Niall says "how did you know?" i say sarcastically turning around and unlocking the door. We get in it was finally friday TGIF! "wow it only took you two a week to hook up" Louis says i just laugh and sit upside down on the couch and Harry plays with my feet "guys i'm bored we have to do something tonight" "PARTY TIME!" says Niall in his american voice "yeah" I say "lets have a party" says Harry. We all agree and the boys all go on twitter, Facebook and some other social networks that no one really knows about and said guys party at Sasha's place next door to Harry's while I put together a playlist. People started showing up at about 6:45 and by 7:30 there was so many people I couldn't even guess how many and I had made tons of friends and people were asking me stuff about me and Harry. At the time Drunk by Ed Sheeran was on and I was dancing with a girl called Emma she was really nice and it was real she was actually really nice. Drunk finished and Thrift Shop was on and we put the volume on as high as it could go I was smoking a cigarette (once off) and Harry and I were dancing together and as the song finished I just cracked up. Harry pulled me in and kissed me when he pulled away he coughed "sorry babe" I say putting my cigarette out he exhaled smoke and I just giggle and kiss him again. I also had met a really pretty girl real fit black hair hour glass figure her name was Jessica she was kinda mean but I just ignored it. I introduced her to Harry who I could tell was turned on by her so I just started talking about the song then she goes away making Harry want her more. Don't stop the party is on by pitbull and I just start singing along with everyone else. Me and Harry go inside and sit on the couch Harry was just staring at Jessica c'mon he had just met her I had to distract him somehow oh no the only thing that will distract him well Harry from a girl is another girl well that's what Emma said great info. I sit on Harry's lap he looks at me he smiles and we start kissing good I think he's drawn his attention away from Jessica. "get a room!" Niall yelled me and Harry pulled apart and blushed "i'm just gonna go outside" i say and get up and went to find Emma she was with Liam talking about the song when Emma sees me she excuses herself from Liam and comes up to me "what's wrong?" she says noticing my sad expression "nothing" "i know somethings up we only met but you can tell me and i can feel a beautiful friendship blossoming" "fine who's Jessica like her school reputation?" "well she's a cheerleader with me but she's a bitch and she gets straight A's and never gotten detention she's a heartbreaker really" "really," "why?" "Harry was staring at her and I had to use your tip and it worked luckily" I say sitting down on a chair Emma sat down next to me "don't worry kid everyone looks at her but never does anything with her and she's got nothing on you" She says putting her arm around me "hey you can't sit down you and Liam were totally getting to know each other" I say nudging her she smiles "come dance with me I can talk to Liam any time" she says "no you go on I think I can see a spin the bottle game going on inside take Liam with you" "yeah see you in there" I nod and go to find Harry. "Hey i'm gonna play spin the bottle wanna come" I ask "coz were not really dating yet" "yeah I don't see why not" Harry says. He follows me to the backyard and we sit down together. Niall was pared up with a girl called Audrey  then I hacked it to pair Emma and Liam but they all new but they didn't complain we played for a bit longer then it was Harry's turn oh shit i was gonna keep it cool i was not gonna freak out and out of all the girls playing the game it had to land on Jessica! They kiss right in front of me I just take a huge gulp of beer Emma looks over at me worriedly "have you been smoking?" she says "my bad" I say and bit my lip everyone laughs except for Jessica. "let's go skinny dipping!" Niall yells unexpectedly "in underwear" he adds a few people let out an Awwwww I just laugh and jump in in my underwear along with every one else well mainly everybody else.


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