Prove Myself

Hi i'm Sasha Coltiner i'm always moving schools and well at all the schools that i've been to i've definitely been number one detention getter really i get it like daily. So i'm in my seignior year and i'm going to a new high school and i meet a bunch of five rather fit bullies that i must get to stop hating on me but how? When she finally proves herself she shares some deep loss with the boys and goes through really tough times but she always has the boys by her side and maybe she falls for one or two of them.


10. I hate my life!

I have avoided everyone until lunch because now I have to go to my locker next to that asshole of an ex boyfriend I have. I approach my locker, Harry being nowhere to be seen as I head to my locker I see a sign up sheet for a glee club I sign up thinking that Harry wouldn't sign up as well as the reason I really like to sing I think it's a good way to reflect your emotions to others that you don't want to say. When I open my locker I see Harry in my locker holding out my bag for me to put my books in I dump them in then slam the locker shut "I'm sorry Sasha!" he yells "good" I say resting against the locker door so he couldn't get out then I go to the broom closet across the hall and pile paint buckets on my locker door so he'll be stuck in there for a while. I sit down at an empty table so I could continue to be left alone but then all my friends that are girls come over (and the gay guys :) !)  "OMG! What happened to you and Harry your Facebook relationship says single is it a glitch? Spill girl!" Emma says as they all sit down "oh Harry cheated on me with Jessica" I say extremely quietly "what?" Via says "Harry cheated on me with Jessica" I say "ok were is that bitch Jessica!?" Via yells standing up pounding her fist in her open hand like a bully that was about to bash someone up and I think that if I hadn't stopped her then she would of "shut up!" I say harshly while Josh hugs her to calm down "ok, ok but she's gonna get it" she says "no" I say "Harry is that prick!"I say so that the people at the table in front of us "what?" Niall says "nothing babe!" Audrey says smiling awkwardly sitting back down "guys who else has signed up for glee club here?" everyone puts their hand up red faced I laugh "speaking of witch we have the first lesson of it after lunch" Lucy says excitedly we all scream excitedly drawing all eyes to our table. 


So guess what at glee club our first assignment was to sing about something that's going on in your life for example Jeremy and Josh are singing Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Louis and all my other friends that are in a relationship are singing a love song what a waste of time! But the bad thing is that Harry signed up too and is gonna sing when I was your man, fuck! When I got home my phone rang it was unknown so I answered it "hello" I say "Hello is this Sasha Coltiner, Daughter of Mr and Mrs. Coltiner that were in new york?" "Umm yes" "this is the police agency your parents got in a car crash and died. I'm so sorry" I hang up. My life is over. I burst out in tears how could this happen how just oh my lord "I hate my life!" I yell

Harry's POV

"I hate my life!" I hear someone yell these walls are pretty thin I can hear everything people say in this area I hear sobbing and I think I have a pretty good idea who it was, Sasha I didn't mean to hurt her this much. I feel really bad I decide to say sorry on twitter or Facebook. I go on and see on my page Emma and Audrey and all those guys wrote stuff like R.I.P Sasha's Heart :( now I feel really bad why did I do it she is the best thing about me even when she hates me. 

Sasha's POV

I really want to be alone right now I don't want to go to school anymore I don't want to continue but Mum and Dad would hate for me to commit suicide it would break their hearts they always used to talk about what I could be when I was older and I want to make them proud I think I know what song i'm singing for glee club. If you could see me now by the script it really explains my feelings right now.


I didn't sleep I didn't eat I didn't do anything but cry about my loss I have made a few decisions as of last night I don't drink or smoke because my parents hated me so. I really avoided people today I don't want to talk to anyone even though I should I also have started a habit that I have heard is really addictive cutting myself. I don't like it but it satisfies me. I'm walking to my locker and open the door I reach for my books at the top of my locker making my sleeve go up reviling my cuts I just quickly pull my sleeve down luckily I don't think Harry saw.

Harry's POV

I was at my locker and Sasha came to her locker she was getting her books and she reached in and her sleeve and I a saw a small but strong display of cuts on her wrist I didn't say anything because she won't listen so I pretended I didn't see. I feel as bad as you can feel have I done this to her or is something else going on in her life? I think it was me. I was about to say something to Sasha but I was distracted by Jessica coming over to me "hey Harry" she says biting her lip trying to turn me on and it was working "h-hi" I say, Sasha looks disgusted "I have to go" I say getting my books and heading to history.

Sasha's POV

Jessica came over to Harry but he just walked away good then Jessica turns to me and gives me a dirty look then walks away. I got to maths and my only friend in this class is Louis. I'm really lonely so I sit next to him. At the end of the class I opened my desk and Louis grabbed my hand and put my sleeve up like he knew what I had been doing "Sasha!" He yells luckily the room was empty I pulled my arm away "it's not what it looks like" I say "really!?" He says "it's not because of Harry" I say "then why is it?" he says more carefully "I don't want to talk about it" I say looking out the window then walking out of the classroom fast with Louis fallowing me I go outside because its lunch I can go out like to my house or something Louis catches up with me I sit down on a park bench Louis joins me "why won't you tell me?" He asks if he was in my situation then he wouldn't want to talk about either "I'm just feeling depressed" I answer "but if you let me in then maybe you will tell me the real reason and you can be happy" Lou says willingly I smile faintly and kids him on the cheek "not yet" I say hugging him he smiles in reply. I see Harry across the road he looks sad at me and Lou hugging and no doubt he saw me kissing Lou on the cheek but it turns out he's with Jessica and they start making out and to think he was sorry he likes get more than me but I don't care but he broke my heart and I won't except that but he didn't break up with me he cheated and that is terrible I hate him and I will never stop hating him ever. **AFTER SCHOOL** I am really depressed so I burst into the car not bothering to put my seatbelt on I get onto my street and then... Black

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