Prove Myself

Hi i'm Sasha Coltiner i'm always moving schools and well at all the schools that i've been to i've definitely been number one detention getter really i get it like daily. So i'm in my seignior year and i'm going to a new high school and i meet a bunch of five rather fit bullies that i must get to stop hating on me but how? When she finally proves herself she shares some deep loss with the boys and goes through really tough times but she always has the boys by her side and maybe she falls for one or two of them.


9. I Couldn't Of Hated You More Right Now

I get woken up by the doorbell uhhhh it's 9:00 am too early! And I have this agonising hangover I get up and hear Harry's voice so I decide to get up to get the door but I have a huge hangover just noticed. The doorbell rings again "alright alright" I say opening the door. Harry looks grumpy "what's wrong babe?" I ask letting him in "I just feel off" big deal compared to my hangover headache "well I have a Huge hangover thats much worse you pussy" I say "oh thats nice" he says sarcastically "well it's true my head is killing me!" I yell extremely annoyed "well I don't actually care!" "well I can't be stuffed listening to your stupid nagging Harry!" "fine!" He yells and storms out I just slouch down in my chair and sigh I fall back asleep in my chair. I wake up it's now five so I decide to watch a movie I put kick ass on it's violent but I don't care right now all I can think about is me and Harry's fight I think i'll go apologise my hangovers gone and he's  probably really sad i'll just finish this movie. I end up watching an episode of red dwarf then I have dinner i'm not that hungry surprisingly I just eat a bowl of cereal it's now eight shit I should probably go now after I get dressed. So I change into a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt with obama on it that says hope then I slip on my black converse and go next door. When I get out I find that it's raining lightly but who cares, I let myself in and walked up to Harry's room "Harry" I say knocking on the door "you said you were in a fight!" I hear a muffled girls voice. Jessica. I open the door and I see Harry and Jessica in the bed! "Harry how could you!?" I yell "Sasha wait it's not what it looks like I swear!" Harry says "oh so your not in bed with a girl thats not your girlfriend? You bitch!" I just run out the door and slam it shut I walk swiftly out onto the street I've walked about a block and i'm getting tired so I sit down in the gutter. I'm just sitting there hopelessly when a warm hand on my shoulder makes my heart skip a beat and it might have happened again when I saw who it was. "Louis!" I say cheerfully but still sniffling "are you ok love?" He says "yeah" I say, he reaches his hand out to me I take it then give him a side hug he smiles "Maddie cheated too" he says grimily "it sucks" I say he laughs I even let out a little giggle. Then Wings by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis starts playing on my phone it's my ring tone "it's Harry" I say to Louis he nods saying I should answer it i do. "Hello" I say stiff with rage "Sasha i'm so sorry we were in a fight and me with Jessica is just lust" he says "well you know what I don't give a shit you and that whore can fuck all you like and do me a favour" I say "anything" Harry answers willingly "get her pregnant" I say then I hang up "what a prick!" I sigh. When we get home I invite Lou in we watch a movie sing drunkly and fall asleep. I wake up it's 7:48 I shake Lou waking him up "hey" He snaps "what day is it?" He asks I check on phone then scream "MONDAY!" "SHIT!" He says I grab my clothes and get dressed right in front of him by accident "why aren't you getting dressed?" I ask "i'm just enjoying the view" he says I jump "oh shit umm go and come back" "OK, OK" he says I just picked up random clothes and i'm wearing one of those tops that are like bras but you can wear them in public and it's red and sparkly and i'm wearing shorts that are vertically stripy with navy blue and white stripes with suspenders (classic Louis kinda) when I get out I see Lou just getting out "come with me" I say "sure" he says. I just hug him and Harry came out just when I kiss him on the cheek, awkward.

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