Prove Myself

Hi i'm Sasha Coltiner i'm always moving schools and well at all the schools that i've been to i've definitely been number one detention getter really i get it like daily. So i'm in my seignior year and i'm going to a new high school and i meet a bunch of five rather fit bullies that i must get to stop hating on me but how? When she finally proves herself she shares some deep loss with the boys and goes through really tough times but she always has the boys by her side and maybe she falls for one or two of them.


6. Don't Stop The Party!

Sasha's POV

I wake up once again in my bra and undies except only this time Harry's head is buried in my chest I shove him off me then get up I try to find my clothes I look around but can't find them. I look over at the couch and find Audrey and Niall totally making out Audrey was straddling him and he's really enjoying it I could tell "get a room!" I yell and they pull apart Niall looks at me with an angry look plastered on his face "that's what it feels like!" I say "now you can start fucking each other again when you tell me were my clothes are" I say Niall looks shocked at my little remark about the fucking but then says "oh I think Harry hid them in the tree outside and nice tattoo" I turn around and look at the tattoo on my back there wings "thanks" I say rolling my eyes "oh yeah and your underwear are too shiny!" he yells at me once i'm outside I just turn around and give him the finger and poke my head through the door and say smirking "oh please continue getting laid on my couch!" I yell making Emma start laughing on the ground I put my hand out to her and she gets up and follows me outside. "Now which tree was it, oh this one" I say Emma throws me a puzzled look "Harry hid my clothes" I say "so how did it go with Liam?" I ask putting my jeans on and then my crop top "oh great we totally kissed all night" "good" I say going to the DJ decks "what are you doing?" Emma says "you'll see just open the doors" "umm ok?" I put the volume up and start playing don't stop the party. It blasts through the speakers and successfully wakes everyone up "SHE'S EVIL!!!!!!!" Harry yells I just laugh and say "DO WHAT MR. WORLDWIDE SAYS!" and everyone warms up to the idea and soon enough everyone is partying once again. The party is getting really fun I think this could go on for a while. Best night of my life by the justice crew comes on and everyone looks at me like 'are you for real' "WHAT I HAVE A SOFT SPOT FOR THE ONE WITH GLASSES!" I yell "THEY ALL HAVE GLASSES!!" Louis yells "I KNOW!" I yell back he just shrugs and starts dancing like the cute guy he is. Everyone is just dancing right now and these are the songs
THRIFT SHOP (this is a favourite one so we have been listening to it a lot)

We keep dancing for hours then I say "guys lets take this to the streets!" "YEAH!" they all yell in reply we all head out the door shouting and just being teenagers we go to seven eleven and all get large slurpee's "AHHHHHHHHHHH!"I say breaking down in the parking lot everyone looks at me worried "brain freeze?" I says quietly getting back up and running again. It's now 7:45 and I walk up to Harry and he starts kissing me when we pull apart he says "i've missed that" i laugh and reply "me too, hey this kind of counts as our first date" "yeah I guess. Hey guys we'll catch up with you ok?" "sure" Louis replies. I'm wondering what Harry's gonna do but before I can ask he pushes me up against the wall and starts kissing me, his pelvis pushes against mine and I let out a moan Harry was such a good kisser I could kiss him all day. We finally pull apart when we hear laughs we see the boys, Emma and Audrey all staring at us "PERVS!" I yell "YEAH!, YOUR JUST JELOUS!" Harry yells they just laugh and me and Harry just keep making out. Good enough for me. We got home and just chilled out and watched Scream and it caused all the girls and even some of the boys to scream then we watch the inbertweeners and laughed our guts out then fell asleep with music in the background.

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