Faux Romance *ON HOLD*

I stepped into the meeting room and see five boys sitting at the large, rectangular table with Sharon, my publicist. " What's going on?" I ask. "You're losing your fans, Lauren." Sharon says sympathetically. "And...?" I say, not getting the point of why these five guys were here. "I have a plan to get them back," I shake my head, still not seeing the point. "You will be faux dating Harry Styles." She says, motioning to the boy with amazing green eyes and a mop of curly brown locks. He looks at me and smirks, giving me a once-over before landing his beautiful eyes on my lips. I shake my head in disgust. "If I really need to do this, I'll choose who I'm going to fake date." I point to the blonde one with piercing blue eyes. He's cute, and I've got a thing for blondes. I dunno why. "I want him."


3. Author's Note

Ello, babies.

I know I still haven't finish "Kidnapped", but I wanted your opinion on this one to see if I should continue this after I have finished my other one.

Just give me some feedback and I'll make plans to continue this soon. :}

Thank you!


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