You know everything about me

Hey Im Aimee Im a normal 16 year old girl. I Love Music and keep my life on my twitter account. Things werent going so well lately, My dad has recently had a heart attack and hes slowly getting better. But its put alot of stress on mum. Like I do usualy when something comes up in my life I do a twitcam about it, and thats when he found me... <3


5. The truth comes out...

Aimee's POV:

We had just dropped Lillie home and Harry signed everything she asked. Yes she was a huge One Direction fan but she wouldnt ask him to sign anything on her.

Harry turned the radio up. We were listening to 'Just give me a reason' by Pink. I started to sing along waiting for Harry to join in like we use to but he didn't. We soon arrived at Harry's house. It was the same as I remember it. I get out of the car and go to walk upto the door. Anne was like my other mother and Jemma was another sister so I told them everything. "Are you ready?" Harry askes "Why wouldn't I be? I havent seen Anne and Jemma in ages!" I was excited to see them. I heard Harry say something under his breath but I just ignored it. I walked up to the door and turned the handle. I walked in and Harry followed. "Wait here. I ..arrg.. need to check if their home." I knew they were home because I saw their cars in the driveway. I stayed in the hallway and started to take my shoes off. "Aimee?" His voice sounded farmiliar. Harry stood at the end of the hallway. He ran up to me and hugged me, spinning me around in a circle. "You saw me like 2 minutes ago why are you so happy to see me?" First Harry had a confused look on his face but then it turned to suprised and a little angry. "Harry whats wrong?" He didnt say anything "JAMES COME HERE!" now I was the one that was confused. "Who is James?" Harry ignored what I asked and waited for 'James' to come here. After a couple of minutes Harry walked around the corner. "Harry? But Harry is next to me. But if your Harry and he is James then who...?" Before I could finish my sentence everything around me went black.



Heyy guys sorry for taking so long to update school has been a little over the top recently. Anyway what do you guys think of the twist. Bet you didnt see that coming. I'll try to update two chapters today. <3

~Aimee xx

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