You know everything about me

Hey Im Aimee Im a normal 16 year old girl. I Love Music and keep my life on my twitter account. Things werent going so well lately, My dad has recently had a heart attack and hes slowly getting better. But its put alot of stress on mum. Like I do usualy when something comes up in my life I do a twitcam about it, and thats when he found me... <3


4. Sorry

Aimee's POV:

When he turned around I knew it was him. The guy that left our friendship for his career, The guy that knew all my secrets, The guy that I was slowly falling for. As I recalled all the memories I tryed so hard to forget, all my sadness, anger and love was too much for me to handle. I ran up to him tears streeming down my face holding in sobs and the erge to just run away but instead, I confrunted him. All I wanted to do was hug him and tell him how much I missed our sleepovers and movie nights, but most of all our friendship. I could feel my knees getting weaker as I looked into his eyes, I reached my hand up to his face and slapped him as hard as I could. "That was for leaving me!" I cryed between sobs. He didnt move, he was just standing there with his hand on the red mark that was building on the side of his cheek. "Look I'm sorry I know I shouldnt of slapped you. But how could you have left me like that? Without saying goodbye? Without keeping contact? I thought we were friends. What happend to that Harry? I miss that." I could tell my mind was speeking all the questions I asked myself again and again in my head when he left. "H-Harry? Who is Harry?" He looked so confused I started to feel sorry for him. Wait... no he should be the one feeling bad for what he did to me. "Come on I didnt hit you that hard. Did I?" He stood there with a puzzled look on his face. "Ohh Yeah I-Im Harry. Can I take you somewhere? I promise I wont hurt you." I knew Harry and he would never hurt a girl on purpose. Not even if his life depended on it. "Sure. B-But were are we going?" He looked happy that I agreed to going with him. "Somewhere that will make more sense." What did he mean by that? I followed him out of the park and got into his car. "Oh my gosh! How could I forget her?" As I said that I ranout of the car and went to the park bench and saw Lillie sitting on the bench. "New record for you. It only took you 5 minutes to remember me." I didn't have the best memory but I never forgot about Lillie. Sometimes I was a bit delayed remembering but I always went back for her. "I'll ask Harry if he can give you a lift home?" She nodded in agreement and we started walking to Harrys car. When we reached his car but he wasnt there, We looked in his car he was no where to be found. I heard a rustle in the bushes behind my. I shot my head around to where the noise was coming from. "Did you hear that?" I didnt know what it was. It could of been a harmless animal but I knew it wasn't. I walked upto the bush and saw something move. Without thinking I jumped on it throwing my forearm around its neck and it started screaming. It wasnt an animal scream or a girl scream, I slowly relised my arm realising who it was. Harry. Harry started coughing and gasping for air. Soon realising what I did I started apologising. "Oh my god Im so sorry! I didnt realise it was you! Im sorry. Are you alright? Im really sorry." He started laughing still holding his throut. "Whats so funny?" He looked at me and continued to laugh. "At least I know that you wont get hurt? And stop saying sorry. Im fine!" I giggled a little realising that within 5 minutes I have slapped him and almost strangled him. "Sorry... I mean Okay" Harry got off of his knees and saw Lillie looking at him with a huge smile on her face. I soon remembered Lillie was a huge fan of One Direction. "Ohh yeah. Harry this is Lillie my best friend." I looked at her she looked like she was about to burst into tears but at the same time run around the park in her underwear screaming. "Lillie is a masive fan of One Direction. I can tell she wont talk because as you can probably see she is completely starstruck and completely unpredictable. So would you be able to sign her shirt or something and drop her home on the way to where ever we are going?" He giggled to himself and agreed to it. Lillie sat on the back seat and I was in the pasenger seat next to Harry who was driving. About half way I got a message, It read: 'LillieBoo<3, OMG can u believe I am sitting in the seat any member of 1D could of sat in :'D.' I laughed "Lillie you do realise you can say that out loud Im sure Harry is use to the fans having fangasms." Harry laughed " What did she say?" I looked in the back and saw Lillie blushing with imbarresment. " She said she cant believe she is sitting in the seat that a member of One Direction could have been sitting in."



So you found out who the guy is or did you? can I please have some more feedback PLEASE!! <3

~Aimee xx

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