You know everything about me

Hey Im Aimee Im a normal 16 year old girl. I Love Music and keep my life on my twitter account. Things werent going so well lately, My dad has recently had a heart attack and hes slowly getting better. But its put alot of stress on mum. Like I do usualy when something comes up in my life I do a twitcam about it, and thats when he found me... <3


3. Hello?

Unknown number's POV:

Aimee didnt answer any of my tweets last night. Did she even get them or was she just creeped out? I was going to talk to her i needed her to know who I was. I have been following her for years and not just on Twitter. Some people call it stalking, I call it admiring from a distance and pretecting her from any bad situations. I called her last night but she hung up without even answering, so I tryed again this morning and guess what. She answered. At first it was quiet all I could hear was the sqeeking of shoes on lino or something, I heared the phone shuffle a little then she spoke. "Hello?..." I went silent. all night last night I was replaying in my head what our conversation would be like and how it would go. "Hello... Is anyone there?" All I managed to get out was stutered 'I's and 'umm's "Look I know you tweeted me and called me last night. I just want to know who you are and how did you get my number?" Hearing her voice made me smile but then i realised if I didnt say what i was calling for she would hang up. "Okay umm well im James but you may know me as James101? Anyway Its a long story to tell you if you want to know how i got your number but i really needed to talk to you and I dont think you will say yes but would you like to meet up so we can talk face to face?" I said really fast wondering if she even understood anything I said. "How do I know your not a murderer or something and your just planing to kidnappe me?" She didnt trust me, What would I do suffercate her while im mezmerised in her eyes? "Your just going to have to trust me. I know what you have been though, I know your story please just meet me at central park tonight at 6. Please I'll be the guy sitting on the bench with a red hoodie on if you decide to come. Cya later, Maybe." Thats all I could say before i hung up. I really hope she comes.

Aimee's POV:

He, or should I say James, Wanted me to go to central park tonight to meet him but any smart person wouldnt go because it spells trouble. But luckly for James that Im not that bright. I told Lillie what he said and she insisted on coming just incase he was a murderer.

School went by quickly and before i knew it the final bell rang. I stood next to Lillie while she ask her mum if she could stay at mine tonight, her mum agreed. Lillie and I were walking home, I only lived like two blocks away from school so I could walk there and back everyday. I walked through the door greeted mum and dad and asked them if Lillie could stay tonight. I knew they would say yes because she was already here and they knew she was my only friend and they treated her as their own. As I suspected they said yes and Lillie and I walked up to my room making sure to shut the door. Lillie practicly lived at my house every weekend so she had her own draw of clothes and stuff at my house already. We got ready to go to the park and told mum we were going to the library to study for a test that was coming up. We made our way to the park and Lillie climbed a tree to get a good view of where I was. I looked around and saw a person sitting on the bench with their phone out. My phone beeped with a notification and he turned around. I didnt know who it was untill he turned around. It was him...



Another chapter ending in a Cliffhanger.Can I have some feedback?? I would really apreciate it. <3

~Aimee xx

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