You know everything about me

Hey Im Aimee Im a normal 16 year old girl. I Love Music and keep my life on my twitter account. Things werent going so well lately, My dad has recently had a heart attack and hes slowly getting better. But its put alot of stress on mum. Like I do usualy when something comes up in my life I do a twitcam about it, and thats when he found me... <3


1. A little about me <3

Aimee's POV:

Hi there, Im Aimee I have Brown hair and deep hasel eyes and I am the youngest of my family. I live with both my parents and I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I enjoy music, I sing a little and play the guitar. I live on Twitter and all those social sites. Twitter is like my diary i keep it informed about everything!!

*Doing a twitcam on Twitter*

"Heyy everyone" I waved at the camera but I knew all the people that were following me were watching. I had 35 viewers not that many but it was nice to have some people to talk to. My comments lit up with 'Hello's and 'Heyy's and then there was one comment that changed my mood. It wasnt hate but it was a question about my dad. '@Angelicbrii: I heard about your dad give him my love and I hope he gets better!! <3' I had recently Tweeted about my dad having a heart attack and having to have a triple bypass to be able to live. "Thank you Angelicbrii, My dad is okay. He is slowly recovering but he is still not his old self. I have been having to help him so sorry to everyone for not tweeting as offten as i use too." I felt a wet tear fall gracfuly down my right cheek but i wiped it quickly so no one could see it. "Okay enough of the sad and depressing stuff, How about some Questions for me? Throw any question at me but please go lightly about my dad as a subject of question."

I got tones of questions like 'how old are you?' and 'What contry do you live in' and I even got some compliments on my looks, no matter how many people would compliment me I would never believe them. I went through depression really bad from the age of 10 till I was 14 but then my social worker sugested to tell someone about it apart from her, so I decided to share my problems with millions of people on the social world of Twitter. I got some hate but that was usual so I kept ignoring that. Everytime someone would say something i would tell them that if they didnt like me unfollow and dont talk to me. But that wasnt all the time. I had made some strong bonds with the people that followed me we would share about our days and what happend and support eachother through times of crisest or bullying. My twitcam went for about an hour and then i decided to log off and see if my dad was okay. I helped mum cook dinner and took all the plates to the table. My mum gave dad his tablets and we ate dinner as a family. "Thanks for dinner mum it was delicious." i thanked mum and cleered the table. I walked up to dad gave him a light hug being carful not to hurt him and a kiss on the cheek. I helped my brother and sisters with the dishes and went to bed. I was about to does off when my phone lit up. Who could be ringing me at this time of night?



Heyy guys First chapter saved and published. Can you please tell me what you think? Thanks <3

~Aimee xx

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