Run Away With Me.

Running, run, run, run. Thump, thump, thump. I try to match my heart beat to the beat of my feet hitting the ground. I run for pain, for sorrow, for the misfits. I didn't always run for all that sad stuff. I used to run for happy things, like joy, like imagination, for DREAMS. Well my dream was an imagination, a dream full of joy. My dream was him. My dream was to marry Liam, but instead he left, and he didn't take me with him. So I run for sorrow, I run for pain, I run for the misfits,
Here's to the misfits.

(A one directiion Fan fiction. Enjoy, let me know what you think!)


3. You're SO not sorry.

When Liam was on the X-Factor, I actually prayed that he wouldn't win. It was horrible I know, but I felt like he deserved it. I still don't know if he did deserve it, but he left. For two years I ran alone, in hopes that one day he would run by the rusted bench I sat on and say "Hey Chantelle" but that never happened. I still run, everyday but it's not the same. After Liam left I did some pretty drastic things. For whatever reason I went on a crazy diet. I wanted to be skinny. Skinnier, actually. Once I was pleased with my body, I asked my mother if she would sign me up for school. I knew I was missing out, being home schooled. At the beginning school it was tough, On the first day I wore my old converse, my flared jeans, and a bright neon green tanktop. People looked at me like I was crazy, until to their surprise, the most popular girl in school took me under her wing. Chloe was a nice girl, to me atleast. Sadly after two years, Chloe's family moved away, leaving me and her group behind. Luckily for me, that meant, I was the new leader. *** English class was torture, along with mathematics and science. My favorite class was home ecinomics. Of course not for cooking or sewing, but because of the teacher and the people. The teacher, Mrs. Mah was too old to even know what was going on. The people, almost my whole group was there. I still haven't decided who to take under my wing, or if i'm even going to do that. My thoughts were ended with the final bell. I shoved everything into my bag and slung it over my shoulder. "Chantelle, Chantelle!" I saw another girl, Mackenzie make her way up to me. In all honesty she was an alright kid, but I can't show that kind of weakness if I want to keep my ground "What?" I asked fruturated with a huge sigh. "Are you busy today? me and the girls are going shopping, and it totally wouldn't be as fun without you, Chantelle!" She beamed. The sweetness in her voice made me sick. I raised one eyebrow at her, "Sorry, no, I have other plans" I lied. She turned away sadly. I walked outside and found my convertable. I opened up the door and easily slid in. Then while I put the key in the ignition, I plugged in my ipod and cranked up some Justin Timberlake. I still lived in the same place, But my uncle won the lottery and gave us some money, so we upgraded. We tore down our old house completly and built a mansion. When I got home I got changed. I peeled off my shirt and did a stupid little dance in my effort to get my skinny jeans off. I slipped on some shorts and and a T-shirt. I ran down the stairs, tripping atleast two times and ran out the door. I felt the frost that covered the leaves prick my bare feet. As I ran faster, harder, I heard them crunch under my weight. My same route, around the park and to the rusted bench. I slumped down on the bench, breathing so hard it hurt. I rested my hand on my stomach and pulled my long blonde hair out of the pony tail it was secured in, letting it hang over the back of the bench. I listened. To the birds chirping, to the leaves falling, and in the distance, the children playing. All the tranquilitie was disrupted when I heard someone's foot steps come crashing down the walk way. Fast, really Fast. I could beat them. I could go faster. I looked up and saw a boy, my age. He was fit, he wore shorts and a T-shirt. His head was shaved leaving a layer of his brown hair. He was Liam. Moody Liam. I caught ahold of his gaze, because he stared at me while he ran, and just before he passed me, he skidded on the ground, changing his direction. He now faced me "Chantelle?" He questioned. I got up quickly and sped past him "Hey Liam" I called behind me casually. I kept running, faster, and faster. I didn't stop, I felt like I was flying, no I was flying. I ran past my house, and down to the little creek that surrounded our town. I didn't know if he was still following me. I lied down on the bank of the creek. The frost from the leaves melting and soaking my T-shirt. He sat down beside me. He had followed me. I sighed and glared at him "Long time no see" He was trying to start a coversation that I didn't want to have. He stared at me with big brown eyes, waiting for my answer "Liam..." I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to talk. He pleaded with his eyes. He knew what he did was wrong. He was trying to make it look like it never happened. "I'm sorry, I don't really want to talk to you" I said. I put my palms on the ground and pushed up the weight of my body. I turned to walk away. I heard him get up so I picked up my pace, Walking just a bit faster. "Chantelle! Wait, Please!" He begged. I ignored his desperate crys for consideration. He grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him "Let go of me, Liam" I warned. "I'm sorry...." He muttered back. I coughed slightly, releaving the awkward moment and giving me time to think of my reply "That's not good enough, Sorry is just a word" I said slowly. He looked at me quite shocked and nodded, knowing that I was right. But as I walked away, I heard a sob escape his mouth, I kept walking. Because If I said Sorry, Then he would have won.
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