Run Away With Me.

Running, run, run, run. Thump, thump, thump. I try to match my heart beat to the beat of my feet hitting the ground. I run for pain, for sorrow, for the misfits. I didn't always run for all that sad stuff. I used to run for happy things, like joy, like imagination, for DREAMS. Well my dream was an imagination, a dream full of joy. My dream was him. My dream was to marry Liam, but instead he left, and he didn't take me with him. So I run for sorrow, I run for pain, I run for the misfits,
Here's to the misfits.

(A one directiion Fan fiction. Enjoy, let me know what you think!)



I slammed my locker shut. Hard. Possibly too hard, as the reaction was possibly every head in the student body turning in my direction. I sighed and turned around, so that my back pressed against the cold metal door of the locker. Goose bumps pricked up on my back as the freezing sensation that the metal gave off spread all over my back. It wasn't too long until everyone's attention diverted back to their friends. As usual my friends came to me. They were all kiss ups. I had a few favorites in the group but I don't think they were real friends. "Chantelle! Chantelle!" I saw an over-excited blonde girl try to shove her way to the front of the crowd of people that surrounded me. Teagan. I sighed heavily before rolling my eyes and giving my attention to her "Yes, Teagan?" She panted for air. I'm actually surprised she's in this group. Most of us were the same, except I was better. We wore the same style. What I got, everyone needed to have. Teagan had a basic wardrobe of T- shirts and sweatpants. Once she had finally got her breathe she looked up at me with her huge brown eyes "I heard Liam Payne was going to be in town, I think you two would make THE perfect couple!" She exclaimed. Everyone's eyes widened. They fixed their glances from me, to Teagan, then back to me. "You're out." I said plainly. She raised her eyebrows and her lips quivered "W- What?" She asked sadly. I crossed my arms on my chest and shifted my weight from foot, to foot "You heard me. You're out. Go." As if she was walking a walk of shame, she put her head down so that her frizzy blonde hair covered her face like a curtain. In one quick motion, she spun around on the heel of her lace - up trainers, and slowly walked away. "Well, Let's keep moving" I said to the group that stared at me "And if anyone mentions 'Him' Again, They're also out. Got it?" I demanded. "Got it" I heard various voices mumble back to me. Moody Liam's coming back, and I don't even want to see him.  
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