Run Away With Me.

Running, run, run, run. Thump, thump, thump. I try to match my heart beat to the beat of my feet hitting the ground. I run for pain, for sorrow, for the misfits. I didn't always run for all that sad stuff. I used to run for happy things, like joy, like imagination, for DREAMS. Well my dream was an imagination, a dream full of joy. My dream was him. My dream was to marry Liam, but instead he left, and he didn't take me with him. So I run for sorrow, I run for pain, I run for the misfits,
Here's to the misfits.

(A one directiion Fan fiction. Enjoy, let me know what you think!)


1. Run

Running, It's kinda what I did. I ran for the misfits, because I used to be one. It took him leaving to make me realize that. I didn't know what 'Running for the Misfits' meant, and I still don't, but it let me believe a little bit. I liked to run in bare feet. I liked to feel the dirt between my toes as my feet pounded against the ground. I always ran the same route. Around the park, and to rusted bench. I'd take my break there. I'd let my heart pound in my chest, although it felt some what like it was in my throat. I'd do exactly what my mother always told me not to do, slouch. I'd slouch down on the bench, letting only my shoulders touchs the rough metal. I'd let my head hang back and I'd look up at the colorful leaves. I'd count the colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Brown. I always knew when it was time to go, because he'd tell me. "Hey Chantelle" He'd say as he ran past me. With every possible reflex in my body I'd jump up. I could beat him. I was faster then him, but he was moody. So instead of trying to beat him, I'd run just behind him and say "Hey Liam"

We'd run into the woods, through the trail that was lined with the colored trees. "You're slowing me down Chantelle" He'd challenge. Moody Liam. I never accepted that challenge. He'd make me that challenge everyday when we ran, but I'd never accept. We lived next to each other. Liam and I. His house was bigger than mine. I like going to his house, He had two older sisters. I admired them. I wanted to be like them. I was home schooled though. So I never saw myself as the popular girl. Liam went to school. He told me that he didn't have friends. "People don't like me" He'd say. I was always confused when he said this. I liked him, even if he was moody. He told me that I'm never going to get to see him cry, and so I told him the same. It was true, I never saw him cry, but he should've seen me. He left, and he should've been there to see me cry.  
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