Valentines Day miracle

Christina was an average girl who lived in the UK, she was a huge Directioner too, when she has no date to the Valentines day dance, what will she do? What happens when she meets Harry Styles, will she become his valentine?

This is for the 1SHOT41D Valentines day competition <3


3. Valentines Dance

Christina's POV:

It was finally the day of the Valentine's Day Dance. I put on my mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip gloss, and a hint of blush, but not over doing my make-up. I put my hair down and took my curling iron and curled my hair since its naturally straight. I put in the small glittery pink bow in my hair and clipped it in. I put on my dress. Its was mid length. Color is pink, it was filled with jewels on the top and the fluffy bottom part had some sprinkles of red glitter. I slipped on my red high heels. As I was grabbing my purse, keys, phone, and some other things to put in my purse, I hears a knock on the door, I walked over and opened the door. I seen Harry.
"Hey beautiful." He said.
"Hey handsome, love the tuxs!" I said. "Happy Valentine's day Harry."
"Happy Valentine's day Christina." He replied.

I smiled and he walked me over to the limousine. I got in and seen the rest of the 4 boys with their dates. In the corner of my eye, I spotted Harry starring at me. I smiled and blushed a bright pink.

When we got to the Valentine's Dance, we hurried out of the limo before it was too late to go inside, luckily, we made it just in time. After pictures were taken, Harry took my hand and led me to the dance floor, a slow song came on, we held hands and can enclose together. I laid my head on his shoulder as he put his head over mine. When the song was almost finished I looked up into his beautiful green eyes, they sparkles under the disco lights.He smiles and leand closer. Before I knew it, Harry's lips and mine had met. We kisses passionately. He pulled away and smiled. I smiled and my blush grew and darker pink.
"I love you Harry!" I said.
"I love you too Christina. Not only are you my most amazing Valentine but will you be mine? Would you like to be girlfriend?' He asked.
"Aww Harry thanks and yes, I would love to!" I said.

The rest of the night we stayed together no matter what and it has always been like that. Every year he is my Valentine and I am his. He stole my heart. I love him so much. I love my sweet, loving, caring, amazing, boyfriend, Valentine, Harry Edward Styles! <3
This truly is a "Valentines Day Miracle."

Thanks for reading my story, hope you liked it, Plzz comment how I did, thanks again and I'm looking forward to reading other stories for the competition. :-) thanks luvs ya <3 - Christina Fisher
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