Valentines Day miracle

Christina was an average girl who lived in the UK, she was a huge Directioner too, when she has no date to the Valentines day dance, what will she do? What happens when she meets Harry Styles, will she become his valentine?

This is for the 1SHOT41D Valentines day competition <3


1. No date

Christina's POV:

The school dance is just 2 and a half weeks away I have have no date. Every girl gets a date besides me. I have only one crush but there is no way I will ever have a chance with him. Harry Styles from One Direction. I am currently living in the UK and I have met Harry but that was last year, he probably doesn't remember, or does he? Well all I know is, if I can't get a date I will not go to to the dance, not alone, I'm in love already, in love with Harry.
I got on my laptop and logged into my Facebook to find out my best friends Gracie, Lacey, and April were online, I sent them a message. I already knew they had dates because they told me. When they had told me I was so excited for them but then when I found out everyone already had a date, I bummed out. I don't remember how but me and Harry are friends on Facebook. I messaged him: "Hey Hazza!"

Message from: Harry Styles: "Hey Chrissy!"

"Who's your date for the valentines dance?" I asked.

Message from:Harry Styles: "Nobody yet. Looking for the right girl."

"Me either, I might not go because everyone is all together now." I said.

Message from: Harry Styles: "I know, well I have to go to an interview with the guys so I will talk to you later, bye Chrissy x"

"Bye Hazza x" I replied.

I scrolled through my news feed and them notifications. Nothing special. I checked to see if I had any friend requests. None of course. Then something caught my eye. I had an invite to the school dance, I clicked on it, becoming very excited, but it was just a reminder that it was coming up, I frowned. My mom then came in the room, "What's wrong with my baby?" She asked. I smiled knowing my mom always calls me her baby no matter how I old I am. "Nothing really." I said. " You look so down and sad. Is there anything I can do to help?" She asked. "Mom, unless you have magical powers or you could put a shooting star into the sky, probably not." I said as she started giggling. "Can you at least tell me?" She asked, I nodded. "Well mom, everyone has a date to the Valentine's day dance and I don't, I was hoping someone would ask me, my crush, but you already know, he's Harry, there's no chance in the world would I be able to be with him." I said with a frown on my face. "Come here baby, there is one guy out there that is waiting for his special girl, that girl is you, and someday, he will find out your the one, and that's how it will be, I can tell you that much, honey" she said. "Thanks mom, I love you so much, you always know what to say!" I said giving her a big hug and a smile on my face.
If she's right, I hope my right guy is perfect, Valentine's Day is coming soon and I'm curious to find out who it is!
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