Valentines Day miracle

Christina was an average girl who lived in the UK, she was a huge Directioner too, when she has no date to the Valentines day dance, what will she do? What happens when she meets Harry Styles, will she become his valentine?

This is for the 1SHOT41D Valentines day competition <3


2. My Perfect guy

Harry's POV:

I knew the Valentine's Day Dance was coming and I don't even have a date! Better yet, mostly everyone has a date, which makes it harder. After the interview I logged onto my Facebook to see if Christina was online. I didn't know how we became friend since my Facebook is private but it happened. She is so beautiful. I got it! I remembered that Christina said that she didn't have a date. I looked in the chat bar, she was online, "yes!" I thought. I then messaged her: "Hey Chrissy!"

Message from: Christina Fisher: "Hey Hazza, what's up?"

"Nothing much, can I ask you something?" I typed, nervous of what she would say when I asked her.

Message from: Christina Fisher: "Yeah."

"Would you like to go to the Valentines Day Dance with me?" My heart was racing as I waited for her answer.

Message from: Christina Fisher: " Omg, YES!!!" She said.

I sighed in relief, "Awesome."

Message from: Christina Fisher: "I have always had a crush on you ever since I met you, I thought you already had a date, but I'm so happy you asked, can wait!"

I smiled as I read what she said.

Message from: Christina Fisher: "Sorry but I have to go, I have to go shopping with my mom ;-) "

"Alright, see you soon Christina!" I wrote.

Message from: Christina Fisher: "Bye Harry <3"

I felt so lucky, I had a beautiful girl to go to the dance with, I just need to get a tuxedo now.
It took about an hour trying to figure out which tuxedo to get. I finally chose the white one with and white in shirt.

Christina's POV:

After I had told my mom about Harry asking me to the dance she immediately asked me if I wanted to go shopping. It took about 2 or 3 hours to decide on a dress. I finally chose one. It was beautiful. I'm so happy Harry asked me!
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