Myth or Reality

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1. Myth or Reality


There has always been such a fine line in my life between myth and reality, growing up in the highlands of this magical place they call Ireland, creatures of some peoples mere imagination have become an everyday commonplace. They say that my head is in the clouds, that I need to come back down to earth, but I don't care. Because I can see what they all can't, I can see the land of the living that no one has ever cared to ben venture into. That is why every time my eyes open, like this morning, I slowly rise from my bed, and walk to the Lough.  "Lough Choill" I whisper the name to myself slowly savouring the way it sounds on the cold crisp morning air, I stand and walk out the door just like always and walk down the busy paths leading out of the town, all around people greet, hugging and presenting bouquets to each other, I walk on and on slowly through the bustling streets. I turn the corner and see a sign. "Ahh, that explains it. Valentines day." I make it to the outskirts of the town and I start to run, turning my head slightly to make sure that no one is following me to the Lough. I reach its edges, puffing and stare down into the cool dark waters, my reflection staring back, its watery face lifeless and pale.  "I'm here!" I call out softly, and then I sit down, taking off my shoes and dangling my feet in the cool water, the wind around me nips at my face and makes me pull my jacket up for extra warmth. I watch as the leaves swirl, turning into the people I recognise and love. "Anastasia, Sapphire, Accacia, Elam, Gilbert." I say there names out loud beaconing them to come join me while I count them off on my fingers.  "Wheres Sebastian on this cool morning?" The wind whispers in my ear, as my companions take there places beside me. "I wonder what could have happened to him?" I slowly stand and pace back and forth watching for Sebastian. Then a thought clicks in my head. "Meet me at the wishing tree, I have something important to tell you." The whisper travels on the wind to my waiting ear "How could I forget!" I grab my shoes and run around the edge of the Lough to the other side of the lake, around the oak, left at the acorn tree, right at the Honey Suckle and the I end up at the blueberry bushes. I stop to regain my breath before slowly pushing the leaves and branches aside and walk out to the wishing tree.  "Sebastian? Where are you?" I look up into the branches of the wishing tree, the countless ribbons tied on, each marking a simple wish from the very desire of a human heart.  "Sebastian!" I look down and turn slowly calling out his name. "Excuse me miss?" I look around and find a boy sitting on the roots of the wishing tree, dipping his feet into the Lough, his fingers trailing through like he's somehow caressing the smooth, still water. His blonde hair shines like the suns rays, his pale skin looks as if it was made of honeysuckle petals and his eyes, his eyes shine bluer than the Lough.  "Howa ya on this fine morning Sebastian?" "Umm, I'm not Sebastian, the names Niall, Niall Horan."  "Oh, sorry!" I stare at the stranger, he has to be Sebastian, he looks as though he was created here by the Lough, he must be one of the good people. For the living world I see is the world that no one cares to venture into, the land on the other side of the Lough, this land resides in the lough and the only way to get there is to walk between the worlds at the entrance between the Wishing tree and Blueberry bushes.  "Oh, I'm Willow, just Willow."  "Willow, what a beautiful name, so Willow what brings you here to Lough Chohill, shouldn't you be out celebrating Valentines day with your Fella?"  "I'm here to be with my friends, what about you, shouldn't you be with your Mot?"  "Thats why I'm here." He looks slightly embarrassed. "I don't have a Mot, I just tied this rag on the wishing tree, and wished that she would appear, I've always wanted a princess." He grabs a blue rag that is tied to the tree and shows me.  "So Niall Horan, what are you going to do for the rest of this glorious day?" I ask him shyly trying not to stare into his majestic eyes. "You can just call me Niall, and I have no plans, I was just going to sit by the Lough and watch the water, You know, I have never found anywhere as peaceful and quite as this.  "Yes, neither have I." He pats the root beside him and I go and tentatively sit beside him. Soon, we are laughing and chattering like larks that have known each other since birth, I grab a stone and skip it across the water, he take sit as a challenge tries to skip a stone, he struggles and I teach him.  "Niall?" "Yes?" "Do you believe in magic and wishes?" I drop the stone in my hand and turn to him. "Yes, I do." He grabs my hand, and I turn away blushing, he drops it and bends rummaging around for more stones. I look up and see Seven Swans slowly gliding, gracefully and timed, poised and elegant across the still waters.  "Niall look." He glances at me and then his eyes travel out to the Swans on the Lough.  "Those Swans are the seven sisters."  "Seven Sisters?"  "Yes, let us sit down and then I will tell you the story, it is a beautiful tale." We sit on the roots of the wise old tree again and dangle our feet into the water.  "You see the Seven sisters were the children of a beautiful couple, the Father was a humble woodcutter, and the Mother was one of the Good people, the fairy folk that live around the Lough,  one day that children were playing by the waterside, riding there horses and singing childish songs and playing games, one of them stopped and started to drink of the cool water, and before they could stop her, she had fell into the lake and drowned, when her mother was alerted of the terrible misfortune that had happened to her child she turned her into a swan, but alas she could not leave her child alone, an aim less spirit, gliding about in the form of a swan, she had to give her companions, so one by one she went and turned her other children into swans, before returning back to the living land of the good people.  "Wow, that was a beautiful story Willow, where did you ever make something like that up."  Make it up, Niall must be joking, he must know that it is true. "Niall, I never made up that story, I never could, It is all true, you must know that." I start to yell. "Woah, calm down Willow, I'm sorry. He pulls a fancy gadget out of his pocket, oh, yes thats a mobile phone., wait a mobile, the good people don't have mobiles.  "Willow, I have to leave now, or I will never make it back to my families in time for our valentines dinner. It was great to meet you here today, I hope they we can see each other again sometime." He smiles at me, his eyes shining like the lough and his crooked smile melts my heart. "Willow, can you put your number in my phone?" He passes me his mobile and I take it, looking at the silver object gleaming.  "No! Niall what is this? Why do you have a mobile, I I thought that you were part of the Lough, that you would understand." "Understand what?"  "Niall look over there., right now, can't you see them? Please Niall tell me you can see them?" I point in the direct of my friends, Anastasia, Sapphire, Acacia, Elam and Gilbert. "Willow, are you okay? Theres no one there." Niall says slowly and starts to back away. I knew it, he is from the land of the dead, dead to the living world and the ways of our people, but I have never felt this way before. Slowly I step forward, looking into his eyes, one step at a time until my body is pressed against his, I feel him shiver at my touch, slowly, hesitantly I step forward and kiss his lips, first slowly, softly, gently, he wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer and I place my hands around his neck, grabbing his hair and playing with it. I deepen the kiss the last thing I remember is my body hitting the forest floor, his voice whispering my name in his ear, passion and lust swirling around in the tone of his voice, our bodies intertwined, one body, one heart and one soul. The cold wind nips at my body as I stand, clasping the trunk of the Wishing tree for support, I grab my clothes remembering the gift that I gave to Niall, so that maybe he can remember me and our Valentines day at the lough, someday returning to find the land of the living. I dress, and find a note stuffed in my pocket, slowly I read it, my eyes brimming with tears, I realise that Niall and I will never be, then slowly I start to wade into the Lough, passing through the barrier into the land of the living, my body and soul never to be seen again. My life in this dead world ending, and starting in the next living world.   Niall's Note to Willow: Dear Willow, I didn't want to leave ya here at the Lough, I wish that I could have stayed with you untill you woke up, but my parents will be worried about where I am exactly. What we did, ya know, that was absolutely amazing, your amazing. I would be lying if I said that I didn't want to have you again, but I also want to get to know ya, and see if we could work out together, but I think we can. Thank you for giving me the most amazing valentines gift I have ever had, I loved every part of the day, just meeting you, skipping rocks, especially the stories, I loved the stories you created about the Lough and the good people, you really have a talent, I could introduce ya to a publisher. I guess I better tell you I'm famous, I sing in a boy band called One Direction, Its a hard life, but the lads are my four best friends, I know it would be hard for us if we go any further.  Thank you Willow, for you stories, they were truly amazing and I wish I was as imaginative as you. Love Niall (4839102326 Call me maybe?)  
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