Those Three Words

When Chloe and her family moved to London her whole life changed. That meant new friends, new school, and a new life. But what will happen when Chloe runs into Zayn Malik (from 1D) at Starbucks. What will happen to Chloe? Will she fan girl over him? Or will she just stay quiet? She knew that her life would change by meeting a celebrity but she never thought she would say those three words to him.

*If you do not like One Direction don't read this*


3. Why Did You Do That?

          Chloe's POV:

          As soon as my fist made contact with her face. I regreted it. I knew she didn't deserve it but i was cranky. It was actually my moms fault that i punched that girl. I know the girl was being a little bitch but i don't punch people that easily."Chloe, why did you do that?" she asked me. She grabbed me from my arm and started heading towards the plane."Don't touch me". I yank my arm away from her hand. I grab my luggage and walk to the plane.

            When we get in the plane i take my seat. Thankfully i don't have to sit next to my mom. I was pissed at her right now. Like really pissed i tell you. The guy next to me is reading he is wearing a huddie and sunglasses. He looked really wierd. I was about to ask him something but i just turned around to face the window. I close my eyes and take a little nap.

                When i woke up from my nap we still had 2 hours to go. I didn't really know how long i had been sleeping and i did not care at all. I got  up from my seat and go towards the restroom.  i look at myself in the mirror and  i look like a mess. My hair was all over my face, my mascara was all around my eyes, and i had big dark circles under my eyes making them look darker. 

             I make my way towards my seat but i bump into somebody. "Sorry". I look up and see the person i was sitting next to. "It's okay" he says. He turns around and locks himself in the restroom. I dont know why but i feel like ive heard that voice before. ill just let it go this time. I sit down in my seat. I  decide to take another nap and i do.

             I wake up and see that we are already in London. I was excited but i was still a little sad that we left New York. Me and my mom get off the plane and head towards where ou luggage is. I get mine really quickly and start walking towards the entrance. i get out of the doors and wait outside for my mom. My mom walked like out like 5 minutes later. I dont know what the hell she was doing. I just wanted to leave and see where we were going to live.

            We stop a taxi and my mom tells him the directions. When we get outside the building i see a lot if girls screaming names but i cant understand a word theyre saying. But when i get out if the cab i can hear perfectly fine what they are saying. 

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